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 Residential Services Fairfax Contractor

Residential Services Fairfax Contractor  page informs homeowners on the many types of remodeling and building services we offer as a company. Residential Services Fairfax Contractor offers many types of remodeling services for our customers in Northern Virginia. We are both a residential and commercial Virginia class A contractor that is dedicated to installing code compliant projects.  These services include the following remodeling projects, you may consider updating your home. Fairfax Contractor, based in Northern Virginia has a second to none design team that can not only design but build many different types of home remodeling projects.  Some of our main services, we perform, as contractors include the following types of work

Basement Waterproofing Contractor Northern Virginia

Basement Waterproofing Contractor Northern Virginia Fairfax Contractor. We specialize in fixing damp, flooding basements and crawl spaces in northern Virginia. We use many technics to fix problems associated with fixing your basement so that it never floods again. Are process includes epoxy injection, fixing cracks in your basement foundation, interior French drainage systems with a sump pump, and complete excavation of your basement walls.

Patio Contractor

Image00046Fairfax contractor installs all types of patios including Flagstone patio installations, paver patio, concrete patio, travertine paver patio, and interlocking concrete paver patio projects in Northern Virginia. For most of our design patio projects, we utilize a base of concrete to install a wide range of decorative materials including travertine Pavers, slate, flagstone and brick Pavers. Our designs also include outdoor kitchens, seating walls, fireplaces and fire pits.

Concrete Foundation Contractor Northern Virginia

concrete foundation contractor northern-VirginiaConcrete foundation contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Pouring a concrete foundation for new home construction or addition is what we call a complete foundation service. Fairfax Contractor has the required licensing (class A RBC, CBC), insurance, and years of knowledge. We have the forms and equipment to perform this basic task to build a home or addition poured a concrete foundation. To build a concrete foundation a contractor needs to process the equipment to excavate the foundation and remove the dirt. Poured concrete basements are probably the most common method in Northern Virginia.

Wrought Iron Rail Fabricator Northern Virginia

custom fabricated ornamental wrought iron railing McLean vaIf you are looking for ornamental wrought iron railings, Fairfax Contractor is your go-to fabricator. Our metal shop is located in Manassas, VA. We custom build both residential and commercial wrought iron railing systems. In addition to providing custom handrails for your front entry stairs and stoop, we can design any type of custom wrought ironwork you may imagine.  Fairfax Contractor can build custom iron gates, fences, and even burglar bars. We install both exterior wrought iron railing and interior railing projects. We are one of the few contractors in Northern Virginia that can fabricate interior stair railing that incorporates wood and wrought iron.

Permeable Concrete Pavers For Driveways

Permeable pavers driveways

Have you been considering permeable concrete Pavers for driveways? Know the style you want or want us to give you the many beautiful style options we have? Fairfax contractors can help you build your own permeable concrete Pavers driveway. We assure the best of quality and timely results. Whatever style you want, we can offer it and much more. Improve the look and style of your space, while also enhancing the functionality of the whole area! Permeable concrete Pavers for driveways is definitely the best and most beneficial of all materials and styles available today.

Drywall Contractor Northern Virginia

Drywall is one of the most efficient materials that is used in homes, offices and commercial spaces. It is cost-effective, durable, strong and easily available. It is a great way to hide any unwanted visuals like hanging electrical wires or outlets. Installing drywall may seem as easy as nailing a pin to the wall, but for someone who wants perfect results, it is always better to rely on professional services. A professional contractor will have the right tools and know the right techniques that gets the job done on time and without any damage or harm to the foundation. So how do we install drywall and how do we finish it to perfection?

Epoxy Injection For Cracked Basement Walls 

Cracked Basement wall

Epoxy injection is the best way to repair a crack in your poured concrete basement foundation wall. If your Northern Virginia home’s basement wall has experienced a crack from inferior concrete, hydrostatic pressure, or earthquake damage the only way to correct the problem is utilizing epoxy injection. Perhaps the earthquake that hit Northern Virginia April 2011, may have cracked your poured concrete basement foundation, or perhaps your contractor utilized a bad batch of concrete when pouring your basement foundation.

Wheelchair Ramp Contractor 

wheelchair ramp contractor northern virginiaFairfax Contractor can custom build all types of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets the building standards for wheelchair ramp specification, code, and handicap access guidelines. These ADA homeowners and businesses are required to meet here in northern Virginia. For most residential applications and business, wheelchair ramps will require a building permit. Commercial businesses, churches, and schools must be in compliance with ADA ramp specifications and ADA requirements for handicapped wheelchair ramp slope access.

Basement Remodeling In Northern Virginia 

basement remodeling Fairfax contractorFairfax Contractor has the ability, not to only design, but build out any basement remodeling projects you may want as a Northern Virginia homeowner. As a Virginia class A contractor we have the ability to design, build the basement of your dreams. In Fairfax County, Fairfax Contractor typically utilizes the Fairfax County basement detail to pull the necessary permits to remodel your basement. If you’re going to remodel your basement in Fairfax County, Arlington County, Loudon County, or Prince William County we will follow the Virginia statewide 2012 building codes.

Brick Patios

Brick patio contractor Northern Virginia is what Fairfax Contractor is all about. We design, and custom build amazing brick patios in Northern Virginia. When you think of the Northern Virginia area you see so many of the homes were built and designed around colonial architecture. Traditionally brick has been a building material used in our area since colonial times. Even today walking down the century-old sidewalks of old town Alexandria you see them being paved and brick Pavers. Almost always, Fairfax Contractor sets there custom brick patios on a concrete base.

Burglar Bars Contractor Northern Virginia 

wrought iron burglar barsBurglar bars give an extra layer of security to your home. Fairfax Contractor can custom build and install all types of wrought iron burglar bars. Many of our projects have regimental scrollwork in the design. Each job Fairfax Contractor fabricates is a one-of-a-kind project. We also follow the code, to install easy release, hinged burglar bars for your bedrooms. Our wrought iron burglar bars can be painted any color you would like.

Fairfax Contractor Roofing Northern Virginia

Fairfax Contractor is a roofing replacement contracting company located in Northern Virginia. As a licensed roofing contractor we can replace all types of roofing in your Northern Virginia home. We offer complete roofing replacement, that is code compliant in Fairfax County and in all Northern Virginia jurisdictions. We will tear off your old roof and completely rebuild your roof to current building code standards. We can accommodate any of your roofing needs, including offering free estimates to replace your existing roof.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Northern Virginia

kitchen contractor northern virginiaKitchen remodeling contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. If you own a home in Northern Virginia and have an outdated kitchen that needs to be remodeled we are your go-to contractor. Fairfax Contractor has the design team that can remodel your kitchen on any type of budget. As a licensed and insured contractor in the state of Virginia, we can handle all aspects of kitchen remodeling projects, which include design consultation, permitting, and installing a newly remodeled kitchen in your home.

Flooding Window Well 

homeowner tring to stop window well floodingFlooding window wells, can leak through your basement windows, and cause major flooding in your home. What is the solution to stop your window wells from filling up with water? If your homes window wells are fully up with water, there are two primary causes to the problem. One may be that you window wells do not have plastic covers, and when it rains, the rate of water goes directly into your window wells and overflows in your home. The other cause of flooding window wells may be that the water table rises during rainstorms, and the water table rises to a point where it floods out your window well.

Masonry Repair Northern Virginia

Masonry Repair Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor can perform minor to major, masonry repairs on your northern Virginia home. It is hard to find a mason will take on small projects that occur in your homes, brick, concrete, stonework. Our company has the personnel that is skilled in the art of masonry repair and restoration. There are many handyman companies that claim to be able to restore your weather-worn flagstone, brick patio, or walkway. Many people have fallen for inexperienced handyman services with exaggerated claims of restoration when it comes to fixing your home’s exterior. Fairfax Contractor is not a handyman service, we are a full-blown class A contractor licensed by the state of Virginia with an RCB endorsement meaning our company is capable of repairing critical failing residential structures.  We also carry $2,000,000 worth of insurance to provide reassurance to our clients.


Fairfax Contractor Replaces Concrete Driveways

Fairfax Contractor Replaces Concrete Driveways. Our company is located in Manassas Virginia, and we are a local concrete company that can handle just about any type of project concerning replacement of concrete driveways. Fairfax Contractor has the ability to replace any concrete driveway at your home or business. Fairfax Contractor holds a contractor’s license from the Virginia DPOR Class A with the endorsement stamp of BLD builder. Fairfax contractor is also an insured contractor. Over time concrete deteriorates and you may need to replace a broken and correct concrete driveway. We specialize in installing new driveways made of concrete in Northern Virginia. After many years of wear and tear, your concrete driveway may become cracked and worn-out.

Porch And Portico Contractor

Fairfax  Contractor is a Porch And Portico Contractor. We build all types of portico’s projects in Northern Virginia. Many builders in Northern Virginia do not design or build their homes with a proper portico or porch covering their front stoop. The main problem with this is if a guest arrives at your home and it’s raining and they can stand out in the rain in the instant the door. Many of our clients here at Fairfax Contractor want to remodel and redesign the entrance to their home, as you know this is the 1st thing someone sees when they arrive at your home. Most homes built before the mid-1980s did not have a foundation system built under their front stoop, that being said it is quite possible you will not be able to build your new porch cover or portico over your existing stoop system. The only way to determine if your existing stoop would support a portico or porch is to have an engineer check the footing depth of your stoop and verify that it has the capacity to hold the load of a new structure.

Interior Wall Removal

Many homes built in Northern Virginia before the 1990’s seemed to be designed with small rooms. Many homeowners would like to remove the walls in their homes to enhance and modernize the living space. We can pull the permits and remove both party or load-bearing walls. As contractors, we can turnkey the complete job from wall removal, flooring, framing, drywall, and painting. Some walls in your home may be load bearing and will need to have an engineer design a plan to reinforce the removed wall. Fairfax contractor as a building company cannot only supply the engineer, plans but actually execute and pass all inspections to complete your wall removal.

Egress Window Contractor

Egress Window Contractor-Northern Virginia Fairfax Contractor As a contractor in Northern Virginia we learned how to install the best egress window system in the state. If you are looking to remodel your basement you will need to install an Egress Window to meet current building codes. Fairfax Contractor is fully licensed with a Virginia Class A contractor’s License 2705154312 with a BLD endorsement expiring on August 31, 2018. Fairfax Contractor has competed many Egress Window projects in Northern Virginia. Installing an egress window requires the contractor to get a building permit, and pass all inspections so that your new egress window is both code compliant and a legal structure.

Outdoor Fireplace Contractor Nothern Virginia 

Outdoor Fireplace Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. We can custom build all types of outdoor fireplaces for your upcoming patio project. The center point of your hardscape plan might be an outdoor fireplace. Fairfax Contractor has the experience to build amazing outdoor fireplaces built from stone or brick. Our Northern Virginia patio program features outdoor fireplaces that can add a special touch to any new patio project.

Outdoor Patio Kitchen Contractor Northern Virginia

outdoor patio kitchen northern virginiaOutdoor Patio Kitchen Contractor Northern Virginia contractor is Fairfax Contractor. We custom build and design outdoor kitchens for your patio project. When designing an outdoor kitchen, you may consider installing a built-in barbecue. This is the Center Point of any outdoor patio kitchen. Other options one must think about is installing a refrigerator and a seating area around your patio kitchen. Fairfax Contractor can incorporate these features and more in your outdoor kitchen patio project.

Screen Room

The Northern Virginia area’s screen room contractor of choice is Fairfax Contractor. We are experts in taking your dreams of a new screen room and turning them into reality. We work with our design team to create the most innovative designs in Northern Virginia. We can create the perfect screen room for your home. To build a screen room in Northern Virginia the first step is to come up with a wish list of what you want in the way of a design, materials, budget, and size. Once these decisions have been made we can help you design an affordable custom screen room project for your home.

Tile Contractor Northern Virginia

Fairfax Contractor is a tile contractor located in Northern Virginia. We are a class A contractor licensed by the state of Virginia. As an insured contractor, we can install both commercial and residential tile projects.  We work with local tile distributors and out-of-state importers that import some of the finest tiles from Italy, Brazil, Mexico, and Turkey. Our connections for discounted tiles are often times brought in to the port of Miami and transported up to the Northern Virginia area. We have in our design team, the personnel to help you select the perfect tile for your project. Then we back it up with expert tile installation.  Our expert installation staff has the experience to install some of the most difficult types of tile projects. Our warranties are some of the best in the industry.

Exterior Drainage Contractor Northern Virginia

Fairfax Contractor is an exterior drainage contractor working in northern Virginia. We work with homeowners in Northern Virginia to provide solutions for soggy yards, erosion problems, and grading issues. We have experience solving these complex exterior drainage issues. We are a class A contractor that is licensed by the state of Virginia and insured for your protection. Some of these exterior drainage problems can create areas in your yard where water pools and do not drain efficiently. Other exterior drainage problems you may be experiencing are creating interior drainage problems because of poor grading, and water sitting next to your home.

Foundation Repair Contractor Northern Virginia

steel H beam utilized for failing foundation wall in McLean, VirginiaFoundation repair contractor in Northern Virginia is the trademark of Fairfax Contractor. If you are looking for a contractor that is qualified to repair a wide range of foundation problems, you may be experiencing we can help with our time-tested experience. Typically foundation problems are caused by existing problematic soils, hydrostatic pressure, or inferior home construction. Foundation Repair Underpinning is one of the main projects that Fairfax contractor has expertise in. If you are noticing cracks in your poured concrete walls, concrete basement floor or block walls it may be a time to bring in an expert. Fairfax Contractor is capable of installing systems that will stabilize your basement’s foundation including crack repair, failing footers, bowing walls, and cracked concrete basement floors.

Deck Contractor

Fairfax Contractor is an expert in building custom decks to local building codes in northern Virginia. You may have a deck that is starting to fail and needs to be replaced or you have no deck in your house and you need a new one. So how do you find a reputable contractor in Northern Virginia to build your deck? First, hire only a licensed contractor, Fairfax Contractor holds has a Virginia DPOR issued license number 2705154312 class A with a BLD builder endorsement, which is the highest license issued in the state. Look for a company that has outstanding warranties and guarantees. We offer a full five-year warranty on all labor related to your deck, and manufacturer ’s warranty on all of the material used to construct your deck.

Fairfax Walkway Contractor

stone walkway alexandria virginiaFairfax Walkway Contractor contractor builds walkway projects of all types, in Northern Virginia. If you live in Northern Virginia there is an outstanding chance that your builder put in, a cookie-cutter lead walkway to your home. Fairfax Contractor is a licensed company that is in the business of designing and installing some of the finest walkway projects in the area. There is no permit required to replace your sidewalk in most jurisdictions in Northern Virginia. However, if you plan to replace your stoop we will have to pull a building permit to make this a legal structure.

Bathroom Remodeling Northern Virginia

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Northern Virginia Is one of Fairfax Contractors specialties. We can turn your outdated bathroom into a showcase room in your house. We are a design-build company that remodels bathrooms in the Northern Virginia area. Many studies point to the fact that remodeling your bathroom is one of the best returns on investment, of the leading home improvement projects. Our designers can help you plan the perfect bathroom based upon your wish list of what you want your new bathroom to offer.

Window Contractor Northern Virginia

Replacement Window Contractor In Northern Virginia. Fairfax contractor can offer the consumer an incredible energy efficient replacement window at an affordable price, that is professionally installed. Fairfax Contractor has been a local leading replacement window contractor in the Fairfax, and Northern Virginia area for years. We carry some of the top name brand windows that we can be custom build to fit your homes existing window openings. Or the installation process is fast, efficient, and professional. Fairfax Contractor is local an insured replacement window company. We have a Virginia DPOR class A contractor’s License, but more importantly with a BLD endorsement. Fairfax Contractor is also insured for your protection.

Retaining Wall Contractor

Retaining wall contractor Fairfax Contractor is a Northern Virginia company that can build all types of retaining wall projects. In most of the Northern Virginia Counties, any retaining wall over 36 inches will require a building permit. Smaller walls such as plantar walls, garden bedding walls, and small retaining walls are exempt from the building permit process. If the retaining wall project you are looking to construct is over 36 inches Fairfax Contractor can utilize two methods to secure the building permit.

Wood Retaining Wall Contractor Northern Virginia 

timber-retaining-wall-northern-virginiaWood retaining wall contractor Northern  Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor can build a code compliant pressure-treated wood retaining wall for your Northern Virginia home. As a Virginia licensed class A contractor we have the credentials to not only design, pull the necessary building permits and construct a legal pressure-treated wood retaining wall system for your home.  Not only does Fairfax Contractor build would retaining wall systems, we can also replace rotting existing wood retaining walls that you may have at your home.

Tuck Pointing Contractor Northern Virginia

Fairfax contractor has more than 35 years of experience and repointing both, homes and commercial buildings in Northern Virginia. Many of the commercial buildings that were built before 1920 require constant maintenance on their brick façades. If they are older, they may have been built using bricks and mortar that is deemed substandard in today’s masonry construction. Properly repointing a commercial or even a residential structure takes great planning, especially if it’s in a historical district. The first step in preparing the bricks for any restoration requires carefully looking at the mortar joints in determining what type of mortar was used originally.

Chimney Repair Contractor

If you have a problem with your home’s chimney in Northern Virginia Fairfax Contractor can repair any problem you may have. Fairfax Contractor can repair broken brick or rebuild your home’s chimney. We can Install stainless steel liners to safeguard your home.    As master masons, we can match your home’s brick and mortar to make a chimney re-build look almost like you never had a problem. We will take the time to match the original mortar and brick so your chimney repairs are first class. We are a licensed class A contractor that holds both workman compensation insurance and general liability insurance for your protection.

Northern Virginia Fencing Contractor

vinyl fence oakton vaFairfax Contractor has designed and installed many different types of fences throughout Northern Virginia. If you are shopping for a knowledgeable Fence Contractor, look no further. Fairfax Contractor can build custom fences in all areas of Northern Virginia including Arlington County, Fairfax County, Prince William County, and Loudoun County Virginia. Sure, you may find many fence contractors, that can build your new fence for less money, but these fence companies cut corners to obtain low pricing. Our company, Fairfax contractor is licensed by the state of Virginia with a class A contractor’s license, Workmen’s Comp. insurance for employees, and general liability insurance.

Handyman Contractor Northern Virginia

Handyman contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. We are a licensed contractor we can help both homeowners and real estate professionals to quickly repair a variety of problems at your home. As a class A contractor we specialize in small repairs to your Northern Virginia home. We cater to real estate professionals to fix last-minute repairs that are needed to close contracts. As a contractor, we can handle a wide variety of home remodeling projects that relate to the real estate professional. Our credentials include Workmen’s Compensation insurance, general liability insurance, and the ability to fix small and large problems you may be having with your northern Virginia home.

Grading Contractor Northern Virginia

Grading Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Many homes built in Northern Virginia, were poorly graded by the contractors that built these homes. Today if a contractor builds a new home it will require the seal by a land surveyor, architect, or licensed civil engineer licensed in  Virginia before a building permit will be issued. Your new home may have been graded properly, but with the backfilled, dirt may have settled, leaving the grading plan ineffective. When soil settles around the foundation, water will be then pushed backed and can lead to water infiltration into your home. Simple solution for this problem, is simply add more soil, and create a grade that will move the water away from your home.

Problem Soils In Northern Virginia

problem soils northern Virginia constructionProblem Soils In Northern Virginia are most often found in areas east of 95 and 395. Though problem soils can occur in other areas of Northern Virginia. When trying to pull a building permit in Fairfax County, Arlington County, or Prince William County Virginia you may find a situation where a licensed soil and structure engineer will be required to conform to the codes to pull a building permit. Most often we require a soil and structural engineer to pull permits for foundation problems, deflecting basement block walls, and any type of new construction.

Solving Home Inspection Report Problems For The Real Estate Agent 

We are here as your partner-contractor to repair last-minute problems your home inspection report has found with your current listing. You may be the listing agent or the selling agent…all you want is to get to the closing table and have a clean sale. But in today’s real estate world, home inspectors have become more difficult to work with, and their real estate home inspection reports have become very complicated.

Siding Contractor Northern Virginia

JamesHardie Siding Installed In RestonSiding Contractor  Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor a siding company. We can remove your existing siding and replace it with your choice of Vinyl Siding or James Hardie Siding. Many of our customers want to also cap their windows, doors, and soffits with Aluminum Coil Stock so they will never need to paint these areas again. Along with installing new siding, we can all install new gutter and downspouts in a large range of colors. We offer free Siding estimates. We think installing new insulation on most new siding projects is a good idea because it will help you control heating and cooling costs. With more than 30 years of residential siding installations in Northern Virginia, we take pride in our many satisfied customers.

Seamless Gutters Contractor Northern Virginia

seamless gutters contractor northern VirginiaSeamless Gutters Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor can custom fabricates seamless gutters and both 5 inches and oversized 6-inch gutters, in a wide variety of colors. Are your gutters, sagging, leaking rusting, storm damaged, or just falling down off your home? Our seamless gutter machine can produce any length of gutter your home needs without seams. Our installation crew is professional, neat, and very efficient in seamless gutter installation. Small homes and townhomes in Northern Virginia typically have K style 5-inch gutters. When there are larger runs of gutters, it is often recommended to install oversized 6-inch gutters with turbo downspouts. Fairfax Contractor can remove your existing failing gutter system and replace it with the state-of-the-art custom fabricated gutter system in one day. Our gutter company works in all areas of northern Virginia. Seamless Gutters Contractor Northern Virginia is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia with a Class A. And installing gutters we hold workman’s compensation insurance for your protection. All warranties on all of our custom gutter installations are better than the industry standard. We can replace your gutters quickly with one call to 703-725-7945. We accept all forms of credit cards! Having a new gutter system that will deliver the water away from your home is one of the most important investments you can make. So all you need to do is give us a call and we will get your gutters replaced in a week!

Mold Remediation Contractor Northern Virginia

crawl space contractor northern virginiaMold Remediation Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. It may start by having a strong rainstorm and your basement gets flooded. That’s all it takes to create an environmental condition in your home that my in cause toxic black mold. Stachybotrys is unquestionably one of the most hazardous molds that can be found in yours. Just because you have had water infiltration into your home and you see black mold it may not be toxic. There are wide ranges of mold that can grow in tour home. So people with allergies are more prone to the effects of the different types of molds

Painting Contractor Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia Painting ContractorNorthern Virginia Painting Contractor is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax contractor has the crews to paint your Northern Virginia home from the interior to the exterior. We will take special care to move furniture, cover floors and make sure you are not left with a disaster after we have painted your Northern Virginia home. The first step in paint your home is to repair any damaged drywall. When all of your homes drywall is repaired and sanded we will paint your walls and ceilings with a good primer to create a very nice paint job. When all walls and ceilings are primed with a good quality primer we will double check the finish of your drywall. The next step is to cut in and paint your walls with two coats of premium paint. Northern Virginia Painting Contractor is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax contractor has the crews to paint your Northern Virginia home from the interior to the exterior.

Wrought Iron Railing Repair Contractor Northern Virginia

Fairfax Contractor Wrought Iron Railing RepairFairfax Contractor Wrought Iron Railing Repair is your go-to source for unsafe, rusted, handrails. I will tell you, many of our customers have either a cast or leg brace from a fall from a faulty wrought iron safety rail that failed. It is very difficult to find a contractor in Northern Virginia that will quickly come out and repair faulty wrought iron staircase railing, or handrail systems. You can call and look for a contractor or welding company that will fix your broken railing, few will return your calls. But if you’re looking for quick, confident, licensed, insured, mobile welding services you have found your answer. Our prices for repairing failing wrought iron railing are unbeatable. Yes, most homeowners in Northern Virginia have some sort of wrought iron railing system that provides safety from slips and falls. Over time your wrought iron tubing typically starts to rust out where it is invented into your concrete stoop or staircase. One this rusting of your wrought iron rails has occurred, it is just time for an accident may happen. So what should you do if your homes wrought iron railing has become loose and dangerous? For many, the answer may be to simply remove your existing guard and handrail system and have a welding contractor fabricate you a new set of wrought iron guardrails. Here at Northern Virginia contractor, we have an economic system that will restore your wrought iron railings to the original condition without the expense of replacement. Concrete by its nature wicks water and that is why your wrought iron rails typically rust out where they are embedded into the concrete. As a class A Virginia contractor, Fairfax Contractor can come to your home, with our mobile crew, and repair your rusted wrought iron rails at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Not only can we repair your wrought iron rails we can also refresh them with a fresh coat of paint. Servicing all Northern Virginia we are one of the few companies that can quickly repair and paint your failing wrought iron rails system.

Garage Floor Epoxy Contractor Northern Virginia

Garage Floor Epoxy Contractor Northern VirginiaGarage floor epoxy contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor can transform your boring, stained garage floor into something quite special. By utilizing epoxy coating on the concrete floor of your garage. As a licensed contractor Northern Virginia not only can we install specialized epoxy coatings for your garage floor, but we can also install slat-wall, and cabinetry to make your garage a showpiece. We utilize the best quality epoxy coatings for garage floors in Northern Virginia, if you’re interested in upgrading your garage, give us a call at 703-725-7945, for a free consultation on how we can take your garage to the next level. Fairfax Contractor decorative snowflake garage floor coating your VA garage floor can create the appearance of granite. Other garage floor finishes include reflector garage epoxy, which makes a nice option.