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French Drainage System

French Drain System Installation
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Fairfax Contractor Installs Interior and Exterior French Drains

French drainage system is a method of moving water in an interior or exterior drainage area that can collect water and move it to an area where it can be dispersed. This age-old methodology can be useful for both flooded basement problems, or exterior drainage problems. Fairfax Contractor utilizes a French drain system in many of our interior and exterior projects. Water, be it present in your basement foundation, or your yard is constantly looking for the path of least resistance. What a French drain does is diverts water through a system that is made up of three components. The first component in a French drain system is to install a PVC pipe that is manufactured with holes installed the pipe. These pipes are installed so that they have a slope of at least a quarter of an inch per foot to move the water. The PVC pipe is wrapped with a fiber cloth so that it is not become contaminated by settlement. With the excavation set at the approximate grade to move the water, it is encased with #57 gravel. Basically, gravel acts as a sponge to collect the surrounding water diverting it into the PVC pipe so that it can be evacuated to the area desired. A French drainage installation can be used in exterior drainage, and in the interior of your basement.

Drain System For Soggy Yards

How Quick Will A French Drain System Drain Your Soggy Yard. 2018 is the wettest year on record for Northern Virginia. If heavy rains have left your yard with standing water a French drain can help. There are several reasons that a French drain will not quickly drain pounding water from your Northern Virginia homes property. Though our French drainage systems will help remove standing water, it is not an instant solution. French drainage systems will take a day or two to remove standing water. When our French drainage designs are constructed on low lying land, problematic soils, or compacted soils do not expect the standing water to disappear instantly. In most Northern Virginia homes interior French drain systems were not installed in homes built before 1985. Though your builder may have installed drainage pipes on the exterior of the home, they were typically ineffective in reducing hydrostatic pressure on the basement walls. If your basement is continual, it may be time to consider installing an interior French drain. A French interior drain can be very effective to alleviate a flooding basement or crawl space. In older homes, Fairfax Contractor can design an interior French drain system that will alleviate almost all flooding problems you may be experiencing. Our French drain systems, have two main properties. One is a perforated PVC pipe that is installed around the interior perimeter of your basement, the second is a sump pump crib that will evacuate the water via a sump pump. For more information about a sump pump system click here.

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