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Interlocking Concrete Paver Patio Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Concrete interlocking pavers are an economical choice for your backyard patio. Fairfax Contractor offers the professional installation of many popular concrete pavers. Unlike most patio projects, these pavers are not installed on concrete but an aggregate base. Over time if a repair is a need in your interlocking paver patio, it can easily be repaired. There are very many different variants of concrete pavers that replicate both brick and stone in their appearance. We offer free design consultation and estimates by clicking on the request estimate tab or calling 703- 725- 7945. We have earned respect in Northern Virginia for our expert interlocking paver installations. For more information on the Fairfax contractor patio builder program, click this link.

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Brands Of Interlocking Pavers

Fairfax Contractor offers their clients the best brands of interlocking pavers. Our most popular brands include EP Henry pavers,  Tecnoblock pavers, Belgard pavers, and Nicolock pavers. The interlocking paver business has changed much over the last decade. Initially, the simple 4″ x 8 ” concrete paver could be purchased at any of the local Northern Virginia box stores. These leading paver manufacturers have come up with various colors, styles, and applications. Some of the products offered to emulate natural stone, brick, travertine, and other natural paving material. These man-made paving materials can be laid out into a patio designed as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Here at Fairfax Contractor, we can purchase in quantity these maintenance-free patio building products. One of the advantages of using these brand-name pavers is there naturally maintenance-free. Though there are many brands of interlocking pavers to choose from, Fairfax Contractors’ favorite is Techo-Bloc concrete pavers. Techo-Bloc manufactures a wide range of styles, including slabs that emulate natural stone. Other brands of interlocking pavers include Ep Henry and  Belgard pavers.

How Fairfax contractor Installs Paver patio Projects In Northern Virginia

Fairfax Contractor utilizes a very unique methodology to install interlocking concrete paver patios. Most contractors start by utilizing either aluminum or plastic restraining systems to hold your paver patio project in place. This technique will lead to failure. When we install your paver patio projects, unlike our patio contractors’ installation process. We will install a concrete footer package to form the edge of your interlocking patio. When we have poured the concrete footer around your paver patio project, this will give you support that no other methodology will compete with. Upon the concrete footer, we will install concrete pavers by utilizing paver adhesive on the footing of the perimeter of your patio. This method locks the patio and place. Once the concrete paver edge has been installed, we will excavate the center proportion of your patio and install 4 inches of 21 A aggregate tamped down with a plate tamper. Once a firm foundation for your paver patio has been installed, we will then top this off with about 1 inch of concrete sand. Then your choice of pavers will be installed on this base. The final step is to install polymeric sand.

Permeable Paver Patio Contractor Northern Virginia

Fairfax Contractor is an ICPI(Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) certified permeable paver contractor in Northern Virginia. We have the certifications to install this green building product. If you are environmentally interested in (LID) Low Impact Development or have zoning or lot coverage issues, these permeable pavers may be the answer to your problem. In the areas where lot coverage is a problem, often, the best solution is a permeable paver patio. Many counties in Northern Virginia only allow certified permeable paving contractors to install these projects. Vienna, Virginia, unquestionably has the strictest zoning regulations regarding lot coverage. This comes adding the patio does not conform to their lot coverage regulations. One way to get around this zoning ordinance is to utilize permeable pavers for your hardscape project. Other Northern Virginia municipalities have adopted ordinances for lot coverage, and a great solution is to utilize permeable pavers for your patio project. PICPs are interlocking concrete pavers designed to have a void between the actual pavers where groundwater can be filtered through aggregate debts placed below the pavers. This filtration system can eliminate pollutants such as motor oil and other pollutants from contaminating the surrounding soils. If you’re looking for a source of contractors that can correctly install permeable paver patios, Fairfax Contractor may be your answer.