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Low Voltage Lighting Northern Virginia

low voltage step lightingTo create the ultimate obvious mood for your outdoor patio playground, Low-Voltage Lighting is an absolute necessity. Firstly, Fairfax Contractor uses two types of exterior low-voltage systems that you can incorporate into any patio design. The 1st is the standard low-voltage 12 Volt system in the other is the state-of-the-art energy-efficient LED. Next, the designers at Fairfax Contractor can incorporate a lighting package that fits your budget and design and set your entire landscaping project for an architectural plan worthy of any design magazine. We design some of the lighting we use for stairs, seating walls, deck posts, and landscape lighting. Your designer will help you create the perfect lighting scenario for your hardscape project.


Design Details and Personalized Approach

At Fairfax Contractor, our designers will look at your specific needs and give you incredible advice on illuminating your patio, deck, and landscaping features. The most commonly understood advantage of low voltage led lighting for the outdoors is the energy efficiency it brings in. It perfectly lights up your exteriors without skyrocketing your energy bills. Besides being practical, it also looks great and can create a delightful ambiance and light mood. You can also enhance architectural elements like patios, retaining walls, and decks by installing it in the right way. Fairfax Contractors has a team of professionals who can help you get beautiful outdoors with beautiful low-voltage lighting. We are a team of professional contractors who understand the skill and techniques required to get perfect results.


Energy Efficiency and Aesthetic Appeal of Low-Voltage LED Lighting

Advantages Of Low Voltage Led Lighting For Your Northern Virginia Home: First off, low voltage led outdoor lighting is powerful and can highlight every area outside. When placed strategically you can illuminate all the areas, enhancing the safety and security of your home, or any other space. Beautifully enhancing the face value of your property. With proper placement of low voltage outdoor lighting you can highlight the significant aspects of the architectural design thus enhancing the look and value of your property. Low voltage outdoor lighting is soft but powerful. It does not create a glare and is not too harsh on the eyes. The surroundings are perfectly illuminated without blinding passersby. Utility costs are significantly reduced, and there’s a major cutdown on energy expenses. Lastly, one of our most popular brands for patio seating walls is Integral professional hardscape lighting.

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LED  Exterior Lighting Systems

spot lighting for decksLED lighting can enhance your walkway, deck, or patio project. Fairfax Contractor offers low voltage lighting manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers, Kichler.  Another brand of exterior lighting we install is Malibu, Malibu LED lighting is readily available at many box stores. Led low-voltage technology has been around for some time, and it offers the ability to create an energy-efficient lighting system with a much smaller transformer. Luxor is one of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting for exterior purposes manufacturing both low-voltage transformers and lighting fixtures designed for both decks and patios.

Why Wattage Matters For Your Exterior Lights

In general low-voltage lighting LED gives off much more light with less wattage than conventional exterior low-voltage lighting systems. Wattage is the amount of power required to operate a lighting fixture. The lower the wattage, the lower amount of power that is needed to illuminate the filament in the light bulb. The advantage of a LED light bulb is that it requires much less wattage than conventional exterior lighting systems.

Outdoor lighting Transformers

Utilizing standard low-voltage outdoor lighting for your patio, deck, or hardscape will require a transformer to convert the voltage from your home’s high-voltage to a safer 12-volt system. You can preprogram most transformers to turn on and off at specific times, or control them manually. For most non-LED systems a 300 Watt transformer to be sufficient for most medium-size deck or patio projects. If you want to expand your lighting in the future to include landscaping lighting, you may want to upgrade your system to a 600 Watt transformer. A LED transformer requires much lower wattage to power multiple lights in your deck or patio project. Typically low-voltage LED transformers have a much slimmer and compact design and have the option to expand your lighting needs. Brands that manufacture state-of-the-art LED transformers include Kichler, AQL, and Justin.

Where You Want To Install Outdoor Lighting On Your Property

Patio Contractor Northern VirginiaLow voltage outdoor lighting is great for all areas around a property. You can use it on the driveway, walkways, patios, steps, entrances, and anywhere. You can also point to trees or architectural elements to enhance the look and mood. Fairfax Contractors can help you put up low-voltage outdoor lighting professionally and perfectly. We have helped many clients beautify and enhance the look of their properties with well-placed and quality low-voltage outdoor lighting. Unlike other lighting systems, low voltage outdoor lighting requires the skill and expertise of professionals. It’s not another DIY project you can take it up as it requires specific planning and calculations for wiring and placing. Also, the wiring needs to support the low voltage lighting and thus should be first analyzed by an expert. Fairfax Contractor can help you understand the exact needs and the best lighting systems for you.