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Asphalt driveway contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Our company specializes in both replacing, and installing new asphalt driveway projects in Northern Virginia. We possess all the necessary equipment, skills, and a unique approach to building new, and replacement asphalt driveways. There are many contractors that don't have the necessary equipment or skills to replace your residential driveway. Fairfax Contractor is a class A DPOR contractor with a RBC endorsement which stands for residential building contractor. On our contractor license we are also designated as a CBC commercial building contractor that allows us to install all types of asphalt paving projects in the Commonwealth of VA. We are locally BPOL licensed in Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County, Prince William County, and the city of Alexandria Virginia. We possess both Workmen's Compensation insurance, and general liability insurance for your protection. We are a award-winning contractor that can correctly replace your existing or new asphalt paving project be it commercial or residential. We offer free estimates for any of your asphalt driveway replacement projects you may be considering.

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Residential Asphalt Driveway Replacement

Fairfax Contractor is your local asphalt driveway replacement contractor. If your existing asphalt driveway is cracking and in need of replacement where your go to contractor to replace your asphalt driveway. The first step in replacing your asphalt driveway is to remove the driveway. We utilize our bobcats, and dump trucks to complete this process. It's very important that this process of replacing your asphalt driveway is done correctly so that it will stand up to the test of time. The main design for any asphalt project is to make sure that the base is properly designed. Our expert staff of contractors will check how your original asphalt driveway was built. To get the best results, Fairfax Contractor will make sure that there is a sufficient amount of underlying gravel base. Many contractors will cheat you, by putting down just a thin layer of aggregate below the asphalt. On like other fly-by-night asphalt contractors we will install a sufficient amount of aggregate to ensure that when we install the actual asphalt on your driveway it will not fail. If you have received a very inexpensive proposal to replace your asphalt driveway, you need to question the contractor on how he is going to prepare the base of your asphalt driveway. We recommend at least 4 inches of compacted CR-8 crushed stone for the base of the asphalt driveway. This aggregate should be mechanically compacted for the best results. We utilize a 3 ton roller for all compaction of aggregate before we install the actual driveway. In addition all edges of your asphalt driveway will be formed at a 45° angle that has been hand tamped to assure longevity of your asphalt driveway. Once the base is properly prepared we can go on to the next stage of installing your asphalt driveway product. There are two different types of asphalt that can be used on your driveway, one is half-inch aggregate, and the other is a more coarser three-quarter inch aggregate. Half-inch aggregate asphalt makes for a much smoother asphalt driveway. But if you own heavier trucks, RVs, the three-quarter inch asphalt may be a better choice because of the weight of these vehicles. Many contractors recommend installing your new asphalt driveway over your existing driveway, this is considered resurfacing which we do not recommend. We only perform complete tear out asphalt driveway installations. Other considerations that you should discuss with our estimators is to make sure that proper grading is done so that you do not create a situation where your new asphalt driveway does not collect water. Once the sub base of your asphalt driveway is complete we will start laying down hot mixed asphalt. This asphalt HMA is a combination of your desired aggregate and asphalt cement. We utilize many local asphalt manufacturers that are facilities that produce hot mix asphalt that will be delivered to your project. When the asphalt hot mix has been delivered to your home we will utilize paving machinery to compact approximately 3 inches of uniformed asphalt to produce a smooth pavement layer. Make sure that you do not drive on your new residential driveway asphalt project for at least three days.

Seal Coating A New Or Replace Asphalt Driveway

One of the most important steps in having a new asphalt driveway, or replaced asphalt driveway is to seal coat it. It is important that your Northern Virginia residential asphalt driveway is seal coated. Many contractors will want to do this process of seal coating right away. Don't fall for this temptation, you should let your newly installed asphalt driveway completely hardened before seal coating. The time frame for seal coating and asphalt driveway should be between six and nine months after installation. This will assure that you will get at least 20 years of use of your new asphalt driveway project. Once your asphalt driveway has been sufficiently hardened we then can start the seal coat process. Spring, or autumn is the best time to seal coat your asphalt driveway, because of lower temperatures. We recommend a temperature above 50° and no more than 85° for any asphalt seal coat project. There can be no water on your asphalt driveway when we start the seal coat process. Any rain can thin out the sealant. Seal coating your Northern Virginia asphalt driveway project is the best way to protect your investment.

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