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Indoor Thin Brick Contractor Northern Virginia

Indoor thin brick contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. If you are looking for a contractor to install thin brick on the interior of your home, you have found your contractor. Thin brick is real clay-fired brick and only a 1/2″ thick. If you are looking for a contractor that can install thin brick on the interior of your home, we are experts. Fairfax Contractor can install thin brick both on residential and thin brick commercial projects. Thin Brick can also be called faux brick or veneer brick. A thin brick veneer is a great option for either exterior or interior installation. Fairfax Contractor is a masonry general contractor licensed in the state of VA with a class A contractor’s license. We have the design personnel to make your thin brick project a statement. Interior thin brick contractor Fairfax contractor has vast experience installing thin brick.

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Manufacturers Of Thin Brick

Manufacturers Of Thin Brick include General Shale.  Glen Gery has a fine line of indoor thin brick products. General Shale offers a very nice line of thin brick. Then in their product catalog, they offer thin bricks called Old Brick originals. Don't fool yourself, this is real clay brick that is really thin. General Shale's thin brick, after installation looks like normal face brick that you would see on the front of your home. But the truth is this thin brick is only a half-inch thick. Call Fairfax Contractor for more information about thin brick manufacturers in Northern VA. Our company offers a wide variety of thin brick manufacturers that can suit just about any of your project's requirements. We offer free catalogs on the leading manufacturers of thin brick in the United States. Some of the thin brick manufacturers have in stock products right here in Northern Virginia. Also, we can special order thin bricks from just about any manufacturer in the United States.
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How Fairfax Contractor Installs Thin Brick

How Fairfax Contractor installs thin brick in Northern Virginia. We always start by checking the dimensions of the walls that are going to be installed with thin brick. There needs to be a plan on how the thin brick will lay out for the best looking installation. After all calculations, and measurements have been determined we will have a plan in place for your thin brick installation. It is recommended that we start at the base of the project and work our way up. Installing thin brick is much like installing ceramic tile. On the interior of your home, we install thin brick with a modified thin-set mortar. We utilize various techniques such as string lines, or dowels to make sure that the thin bricks are installed level. All brick corners should then be installed to set a pattern that will give you the best results. Unquestionably the most popular thin brick installation is laid out in a running bond theme. When setting up a thin brick installation on the interior of your home, we will make sure that all of your flooring, and adjoining walls are protected with plastic. Exterior thin brick projects require a completely different technique that we have utilized for years. Once all of the sin brick has been installed, it is time to finish the joints of the thin brick. To give your thin brick project an authentic look we utilize grout, that is ranked with a brick jointer. The color of your grout will make a huge difference in the way your thin brick project turns out. Remember cleanup of the thin brick is key to a professional installation. Fairfax Contractor will take the time to ensure that your brick is thoroughly cleaned of all mortar, and grouting to give it a natural look.

Thin Brick Contractor Northern Virginia Design Idea Options

Thin brick design idea options offered by Fairfax Contractor include both interior and exterior applications. If you're looking to give your northern for your home's stunning appearance thin brick might be your best option. We can radically change the appearance of your interior fireplace with the utilization of thin brick. Other ideas include nice decorative options for a kitchen back splash, or an interior wall in your den, or living room. Commercially of course, we give a rustic charm to any type of commercial property by utilizing thin brick. Reach out or design consultants for so many ideas on how thin brick can be used to dramatically change the look of any area.