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dry well contractor northern VirginiaDrywell contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. A dry well is a sponge that will soak up water in low-lying areas of your yard in Northern Virginia. When Fairfax Contractor installs their dry well system, we will need to excavate an area of your yard to install this water management system. Typically the dry well is filled with #57 stone that will collect water from the outlying clay. Dry wells are an excellent methodology for solving many soggy yard problems. Call us for a free estimate at 703-725-7945. We are your go-to contractor to solve soggy yard problems in Northern Virginia. For more information on fixing a wet yard, check this link for outdoor drainage problems. 

What Is A Dry Well

You may be experiencing a wet or soggy yard and are looking for a solution to fix this problem. One of the methodologies that Fairfax Contractor utilizes is a dry well. So you have a soggy wet yard in your Northern Virginia home that can be done to fix this problem. If the topography of your lot does not allow putting in a traditional French drain or a series of drain boxes to solve the problem, a dry well may be the answer. The soils in Northern Virginia are primarily clay. In some instances, they are problematic soil conditions, especially in any area east of the 395 corridors, including Alexandria, Lorton, and Fairfax proportions of Alexandria. The dry well, most simply put, is like a giant sponge that will soak up water in your soggy property. We can install the runoff of your gutter system and low-lying areas to correct your wet yard problem.

By utilizing a dry well. You may ask what a dry well is. I dry well is excavating the wet areas of your yard and installing aggregate to absorb the moisture and divert it away from your property. FairfaxContractor can analyze your specific problematic wet yard problem and design a solution to solve your problem. As a licensed contractor, we can create some of the best dry well systems to try out your property permanently. A dry well is created by excavating a hole in your property and then filling it with #57 stone. Water always takes the path of least resistance, and the clay around your dry well will be filled with groundwater. This groundwater is then eliminated through a PVC pipe to an area where the topography of your lot will release the standing water. A dry well is a simple solution to fix your soggy, wet yard. When we build a dry well, we calculate the necessary amount of water in the area you’re trying to dry out. Once his calculations are done, we will excavate the pit with the size of your problem. Once the dry well pit has been excavated, we will fill it with #57 gravel. The dry well must be encapsulated with filter fabric so that we do not compromise the drainage pipes leading to the exit point of your dry well. Topsoil and grass can then be placed upon your dry well, which shall fix any soggy yard you may be experiencing. We typically dig a 3 to 4-foot deep pit to install gravel, depending on your wet yard problem. The pitch of the release plumbing should be at least 1/2 an inch per foot to dry out your lot.

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Water Garden

A water garden system is slightly more complex than a dry well. Especially in Vienna, Virginia, some codes date back to the 1950s about runoff water. If you’re considering building a new home with a drainage issue on your lot, a water garden system may be necessary. The water gardens we have designed and built require a licensed engineer to put the whole system in place. If you have a wet lot, a water garden may be a solution to the drainage problems of very flat building lots in northern Virginia. Fairfax Contractor has an engineering team that can create a working water garden for your property.