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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space encapsulation Water Proofing Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor is your go-to company to encapsulate your crawlspace in Northern Virginia. Virginia. If you’re tired of a wet, moldy, unusable crawlspace, we can help you transform this problem area of your home into usable storage space. The methodology we utilize to encapsulate crawlspaces is first to level and re-grade the floor surface. Once this is accomplished, we will lay down #57 gravel if it does not already exist. To dry out the floor, we will install a 35-gallon polyurethane sump pump crib. Using lasers, we will excavate around the interior perimeter of your crawlspace and install 4-inch perforated drain tiles that will tie into the sump pump crib. The 4-inch perforated drain tiles will be installed with a nylon sock to keep sediment from building up within the pipe. The next step is to install a good quality sump pump, plumbed, to code. For more information about sump pump installations, click this link. After the sump pump has been hooked up, we will backfill the drain tile with the #57 gravel to cover the pipe. The next step is to lay down a 20 mm plastic vapor barrier over the entire area of the basement floor. This vapor barrier will keep the humidity and moisture from entering your crawlspace. We will bring the plastic liner up two feet onto the foundation walls and fix the vapor barrier utilizing rivets. Once the vapor barrier has been affixed to your foundation walls, we will run a bead of good-quality caulk to ensure that no moisture escapes our encapsulation system. Two of our most popular upgrades to crawlspace encapsulation is to add a dehumidifier that will be set to control the humidity and evacuate directly into your sump crib, the second upgrade is to install a battery backup system for your sump pump. We will also carefully check your foundation walls to ensure no cracks where water can enter your home. Our expert team can seal up these cracks with either 

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Signs You Have a Wet Crawl Space

If you have noticed these signs and are unsure about the root cause, it’s time to get in touch with Fairfax Contractors and get a thorough inspection. All these signs point to a weak and non-waterproofed crawl space and are causing more harm and damage than you can imagine! The rotting and peeling may seem like regular wear and tear but could have serious implications if ignored. Many people have sustained heavy damages and losses due to waterlogged crawl spaces.
As reliable contractors, we will offer you only the services that you truly need. Our main focus is the safety of your home and family, and we ensure we offer you complete protection against harm. Waterproofing crawl spaces is not a choice! If you want to live a healthy life and make sure your home or commercial space stands strong on its foundations, it is an absolute must.
Fairfax Contractors can help you waterproof your crawl space and offer you the very best of contractor services. We understand the varying needs of our clients and make sure that everyone is completely satisfied. We believe in quality, timely results, and the best services and products. We ensure complete services that will offer you a long time of comfort and healthy living. Waterproofing the crawl space can be done using different tools and techniques, and we will help you understand the best options for your specific space. It’s not just about securing your home but also maximizing your health and safety.

Benefits of Waterproofing Crawl Space:

Minimize Risk of Flooding

Waterproofing can help you during heavy rains or natural environmental calamities by avoiding flooding within your home. Waterproofing changes the way your home or any space receives water, thus keeping it safer

Healthy Moisture Levels

Waterproofing maintains healthy moisture levels within a space and thus contributes to the overall air quality. Many common diseases are associated with bad air quality. Thus waterproofing helps keep you healthy with a healthy home or commercial space.

Dry and Clean

Waterproofing ensures that your crawl space remains dry and thus cleaner. Remaining dry also ensures no risk of mold or similar problems associated with water creeping into a crawl space. Installing a dehumidifier also controls the humidity levels within your Northern Virginia home’s crawl space.

Home Protection

We all know that water can weaken wood boards, and rotten metallic installations and thus weaken the whole foundation of a home or any space. Protecting your home from water damage requires waterproofing of the crawl space. A waterproof foundation is integral to the long life and the safety of your home.

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