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Stamped concrete contractor Northern Virginia in Fairfax Contractor. We know how to build breathtaking stamped concrete patios, driveways, and walkways. Utilizing skilled Portage guys can make a stamped concrete project stand out from the other contractors in  Northern Virginia. Fairfax Contractor has various stamps that emulate brick, flagstone, and other forms. Each stamp pattern can make a unique statement at your Northern Virginia home. Stamped concrete can create driveways and patios that exceed 500 square feet at an economical price.   We possess over 25 different stamps for your stamped concrete project. We are experts in constructing all types of stamped concrete projects in Northern Virginia. Give us a call for a free estimate on any stamped concrete project that you may be interested in. Our estimates are free; simply call 703-725-7945 to make your stamped concrete project a success. Utilizing European Masons that understand how to install a stamped concrete project correctly. As a class, as A licensed contractor with both the RBC residential building contractor and a CBC commercial building contractor, we can take on both commercial and residential stamped concrete projects. Look no further for your local stamped concrete contractor. We have years of experience in installing incredible and beautifully designed stamped concrete driveways, patios, and walkways.

How We Install Stamped Concrete Projects

When Fairfax Contractor installs stamped concrete projects, we always use the same methodology.  The first step is to remove your existing driveway, patio, or walkway. When we break up your old Hardscape, we will use 90-pound jackhammers. When the old concrete has been broken up, we hall the old concrete to the recycling area near your home. Now that we have a fresh area to build a stamped concrete project, we need to get the grade right. When you’re stamped patio, walkway, or driveway has been formed, you as a homeowner will approve the forms. When your forms have been approved, we will place a special mix of concrete based on pea gravel.

When the concrete is placed into the forms, we will float the concrete into a smooth surface. The next step in creating a stamped concrete project is broadcasting color hardening powder. A concrete hardener is the first coloring agent placed on your stamped concrete project. We use either Davis colors or Increte color products. Once we have chosen the main color in your stamped concrete project, they will be broadcast over the prepared concrete. The next step in creating an incredible stamped concrete project is to choose the forms that you desire for your project. After the color hardeners have been bull floated into the concrete. The next step is to choose a secondary color known as the release powder. Fairfax Contractor has a wide variety of different stamped concrete designs. They include several flagstones, brick, and tile patterns. Once you have chosen your stamped concrete pattern, we will let the mats down onto the concrete to create the design of your choice. When the stamped concrete mats have been placed onto your patio, driveway, or walkway project, we will come in the next day and power wash off all of the color hardeners, and release powder. It may be necessary to tighten up some of the joints in your project. Once the patio is completely dried and forms removed, we will seal your stamped concrete project. This is how we install stamped concrete projects.

Types Of Stamped Concrete Projects Fairfax Contractor  Installs

Types of stamped concrete projects Fairfax contractor installs. We install commercial and residential stamped concrete for your business or your Northern Virginia property. Our projects stamped concrete projects, including driveways, patios, walkways, parking lots, and much more. Fairfax Contractor is your go-to local stamped concrete contractor. We have all of the equipment and certified employees that can create an incredible stamped concrete project. These projects include small walkways and way too commercial stamped concrete projects. Stamped concrete takes very skilled workers that are familiar with not only laying out the forms but floating out the base color of any stamped concrete project. Utilizing secondary colors called release powder, we can give your stamped concrete project a unique look. Once again, utilizing European craftsmen, we have the art of creating stamped concrete to a level that most contractors cannot achieve.

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