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Northern Virginia Screen Room Contractor is Fairfax Contractor. The Northern Virginia area’s screen room contractor of choice is Fairfax Contractor. As a general contractor company, we have many years in design and building screen rooms. These screen rooms are often called sunrooms. We are experts in taking your dreams of a new screen room and turning them into reality. We work with our design team to create the most innovative designs in Northern Virginia. We can create the perfect screen room for your home. To build a screen room in Northern Virginia, the first step is to develop a wish list of what you want in design, materials, budget, and size. Once these decisions have been made, we can help you design an affordable custom screen room project for your home. When your wish list has been determined, we will utilize licensed Virginia state civil engineers to engineer plans for your screen room. These screen room plans will be used for permit acquisition. Fairfax Contractor will secure all necessary building and electrical permits to build a legal code-compliant screen room. We use only the highest quality materials for your screen room project. We take care of all necessary permits and give detailed drawings for your homeowner association approval.

Screen Room Options

Northern Virginia screen room contractor knows some nice options to make your screen room perfect. In designing your screen room project, there are many options that you may want to include in the Northern Virginia screen room project. One of the most common options is to include a patio under the screen room deck or a patio that projects outward from the screen room. Having a patio that is next to your screen room brings out the best of both elements in outdoor entertaining. Northern Virginia screen room contractor is a design-build company.  A screen room protects against bugs and rain, and the patio is a perfect place for fair nights and creates a great gathering place. Fairfax Contractor excels in creating both screen room and patio outdoor living spaces. An electrical plan should be included in your screen room, it is always wise to plan for additional outlets, lighting, and a ceiling fan. One of the most sought-after options for screen rooms is to have a tongue and groove ceiling installed in the interior of the screen room. The tongue and groove ceiling to be installed in the interior of the screen rooms offers a beautiful finished look. If you decide to have a tongue and groove ceiling installed in your screen room, there are options including different species of woods, tongue and groove style, painted or stained finish, and others. Many northern Virginia homeowners like to include flat-screen televisions and sound systems in their screen room design. We are experts in coming up with the perfect installation of speakers and outdoor-style flat screen televisions in your screen room installation. Many simple screen rooms may not utilize PVC rap on exposed pressure-treated lumber, but we highly recommend this to give your screen room a custom look. We can trim it out with material such as AZEK. Utilizing fiberglass columns to encase the support beams of your screen rooms will help in defining this addition as a premium project.

Materials Selection For Your Screen Room

We believe once you have planned your screen room, you need to start refining the material to be used. Material selection is an important step in planning your new screen room. Perhaps the most important consideration in designing your screen room project is the type of decking you will utilize for the floor. Fairfax Contractor’s primary choice is composite deck boards. Utilizing composite decking has many benefits, such as low maintenance and a prefinished material that will take your screen room project to the next level. Beyond decking, one should consider decorative interior and exterior trim to make your screen room stand out. We utilize materials such as Azek, a maintenance-free PVC trim board that can finish out the exterior and interior of your screen room.  Some clients request tongue and groove ceiling material to finish the project. Using a pine tongue and groove ceiling is fine if you want it painted, but if you want to stain your screen room ceiling, perhaps you should consider utilizing wood such as a birch ceiling. Fairfax Contractor can recommend excellent composite railing and screen material that will stand the test of time. Our planning staff can recommend materials that are on the cutting edge of the latest designs and will create the perfect screen room. Northern Virginia Screen Room Contractor is near your home and offers free estimates.

Deck Selection For Your Northern Virginia Screen Room

Deck selection for your Northern Virginia screen room is a very important choice. If you are on a budget and want to cut costs, pressure-treated lumber is an option. Composite decking is a much better choice for your screen room flooring. The name brands we recommend to our customers include Trex decking with grades ranging from Trex Enhance, Trex Select, and Trex Transcend. Fairfax Contractor can use other brands of decking such as Azek Decking, TimberTech Decking, or Fiberon Decking composite decking. Which is the best choice for your decking material on your screen room project? The answer to the best decking material is up to you and your  Fairfax Contractor designer.

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