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Powder Coating Fabricator Northern Virginia

Powder Coating Fabricator Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. When considering having wrought iron rails built, one might consider powder coating over simply painting the rails. The reason for this is that a good paint job on a wrought iron railing will only last a few years before the rails start to rust. The beauty of powder coating is that your new railing system will stand the test of time, while your painted rails simply won’t.

Powder Coating Fabricator Northern Virginia

What is powder coating? The process of powder coating is nothing like painting wrought iron at all. It is based on a combination of pigments, curatives, flow modifiers, and leveling agents that are electrostatically bound onto the wrought iron surface.  At Fairfax Contractor, we start by completely preparing your wrought iron project by sandblasting the surface. This will remove any oil that is used in the manufacturing process.  Once the wrought iron has been thoroughly sandblasted, we will use electrostatic spray disposition (ESD) on the metal.  This process forms a chemical bond, unlike paint to the Wrought Iron surface.  Once the wrought iron project has been powder coated with your choice of color, it is placed in an oven to cure at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  The final product will be evenly coated with the powder coating color of your choice.

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TIGER Drylac® offers many color choices here is a chart to pick your perfect color. These colors are an example of what the actual powder coating color might be.

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