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Cinder Block Foundation Wall Repair Steel Reinforcement Northern Virginia

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Cinder block foundation wall repair steel reinforcement  Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor wall repair uses steel reinforcement for cinder block foundation basement wall repairs.  Our NOVA cinder block basement repair company is a specialty for Fairfax Contractors. If your Northern Virginia home’s cinder block basement or crawl space has deflecting cinder block problems because of problematic soils or extreme hydrostatic pressure, we are your contractor. If your home’s cinder block foundation is deflecting more than 1” you should consider using steel beams to stop the defection in your Northern Virginia home. Fairfax contractors can stabilize almost any crawl space or basement cinder block walls using steel beams. Fairfax Contractor is your go-to licensed contractor in Northern Virginia that specializes in repairing deflecting cinder block walls utilizing structural steel. Fairfax Contractor has a  Class A  contractor’s license with an (RBC) stamp that allows us to do foundation repairs. Fairfax Contractor is not just a home improvement contractor, we can are a business that can do cinder block basement foundation wall repairs and steel reinforcement in Northern Virginia. The first step in correcting a failing CMU foundation is to have a Virginia-licensed structural engineer evaluate your problem. Fairfax Contractor works with professional engendering firms to help evaluate your unique problem. Then they can create stamped plans to pull the necessary building permit. Chose your contractor carefully, to have a contractor pull the necessary permits, they will need to be properly licensed by The Commonwealth of Virginia through the DPOR.   For more information on repairing your Northern Virginia homes  Foundation click this link.

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Why Use  Fairfax Contractor To Repair Cinder Block Foundation Walls With Steel Reinforcement

The main reason to use Fairfax Contractor to repair your deflecting cinder block foundation walls with steel reinforcement is the fact we have the experience to tackle this repair. First off unlike any foundation contractors in Northern Virginia we operate a welding shop in Manassas VA that can cut the required I beams, weld the tabs, and damp proof the steel, and cut the bolt holes required for the project. Another reason to employ Fairfax Contractor for stabilizing your deflecting basement block wall is we are very experienced in repairing critical structures. We have the tools and trained employees that are experts in stabilizing failing (CMU) cinder block basement walls. We offer free evaluations and written quotes to repair deflecting cinder block walls. Call us at 703-725-7945 for a free estimate. For information on Fairfax Contractors welding credentials click here.

Permitting Cinder Block Foundation Wall Repair Steel Reinforcement Northern Virginia

Permitting cinder block foundation wall repair steel reinforcement Northern Virginia is one of Fairfax Contractor's specialties. If your block foundation basement is failing more than 3/8 solution is the installation of steel reinforcement for your problem. A licensed structural engineer will be needed to evaluate the problem. And upon his recommendations, he will put a plan together to stabilize your failing basement foundation. Once the plans have been drawn out to fix your deflecting cinder block basement wall problem. Fairfax Contractor will submit plans to the local building authorities in your Northern Virginia County. Once the plans have been approved, to install steel reinforcement for your failing basement wall we will be awarded the building permit to complete the necessary fix. We have completed and finished many projects utilizing structural steel, I-beams to control the deflection of failing cinder block walls in Northern Virginia. Our estimates of free, give us a call at 703-725-7945 for a free evaluation for the problem of your deflecting basement walls becoming more serious. As mentioned above we have the licensing as an RBC residential building contractor, and if your problem is commercial we also have a commercial building license to install steel reinforcement for block reinforcement on commercial properties.

How We Reinforce Deflecting Cinder Block Walls In Your Basement.

The key to the system of reinforcing deflecting walls utilizes steel beams, commonly known as H beams or I-beams. Whatever the licensed Virginia engineer recommends for the steel to be utilized to stabilize your deflecting cinder block walls will be utilized. Structural steel is called out in the standards such as W-1260. A steel H beam that is called out in this fashion means the beam is 12 inches thick and weighs 60 pounds per foot. The first step in installing a cinder block steel-reinforced system to stop the deflection in your Northern Virginia home is to jackhammer up the concrete according to the placement of the steel beams. Typically we excavate two feet and then install the steel I-beam into your basement concrete floor. After the I-beam has been installed into the broken basement footing system we will fill that area with 4000 psi concrete The next step is to attach the welded plate that is installed into your floor joists with the appropriate bolting system. The final step is to grout the area between the deflection of your basement wall to the steel I-beam so that there is a solid connection.