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Home Addition Design and Remodeling

Northern Virginia Addition Contractor near you is  Fairfax Contractor. We can help you with all your additional building projects. We design and build custom additions in Northern Virginia. As a Class A licensed contractor with an RBC (Residential Building Contractor), we are ably to build a pop-up addition, kitchen, master bedroom, carport, family room, four seasons room, sun room, dormer, bump out, screen room, a second story, or garage addition. Fairfax Contractor can custom-build any home additions, room additions, bathroom additions, and more. Design and build your dream room and add more living space and value to your home! We have years of experience and know how to complete any additional project. If space is an issue in your current house, your only alternative to an addition would be to move to a new home. A less expensive and time-consuming hassle is to add on to your current home. However, if you ever decide to sell, research has shown in Northern Virginia that additions tend to have a high cost-to-value ratio. This means that cost of an addition is recovered or exceeded when your Northern Virginia home is sold.

Expert Planning for Additions

Planning is an essential part of building an addition. Having a good game plan before anything is begun is key to a successful addition remodeling project. You should be entirely in control of the design of your new addition. Your chance to create the space of your dreams needs a great general contractor to get it over the finish line. The first step is to find the additional plan that fits your needs. Many factors have to be considered when building an addition. Every step of the planning process should be laid out to avoid surprises and unnecessary delays Fairfax Contractor can help you create a step-by-step schedule to complete your addition. This will also allow you to prepare for the inevitable disruption in your life that addition will cause.

Getting The Permits To Build An Addition In Northern Virginia

There are many steps we will need to follow, starting with pulling the building permit in Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun, Alexandria, or Prince William County. The first step will be getting the plans approved by your local zoning board. Then an energy calculation worksheet will be needed to be completed to make sure your addition is up to par with all the energy-saving insulation, windows, and door standards of today. The final step is plan and site review to ensure that your new addition plans meet or exceed all local building codes. When construction starts, different stages of your addition project will need county inspections from the footing, backfill, framing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical ruff in, insulation, and final inspection to give you a legal addition. When building any type of addition to your home, we will utilize a licensed Virginia professional engineer to get the plans to pass the inspection process. Working with your Fairfax Contractor design professional, we will take your needs, budget, and any special requirements you may want in your new home addition build-out. When we have worked up a design for your addition, we will be able to pull the necessary permits to complete your addition project.

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