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Epoxy Injection Concrete Slab Repair Northern Virginia

epoxy injection concrete foundation slab repair virginiaEpoxy injection concrete slab repair Northern Virginia. Yes, your basement slab or garage concrete slab can leak water. Fairfax Contractor can fix leaking concrete slabs in your basement or garage. Epoxy injection is a great technique for bonding cracked basement concrete floors. Fairfax Contractor can successfully use epoxy injection to repair leaking basement floors. The key is to have us use our unique evaluation of your problem areas. Once we have devised a preparation plan to repair your cracked foundation slab, we will start fixing the problem. Hydrostatic pressure can push water through your basement or garage concrete floor. This water infiltration can lead to basement or garage flooding. Most Northern Virginia basement floor slabs are constructed with a vapor barrier to keep water from coming up from your basement floor. But though time, earthquakes, settling your basement floor or garage floor may have cracked. Water is one of the main components of concrete. As the concrete in your basement floor cures, the water is removed through the chemical process of hydration.  This chemical reaction reduces the volume of the concrete slab, it and it shrinks in size. The concrete shrinkage causes stress to develop in the concrete. Then the concrete cracks. This is a normal condition, especially on residential Northern Virginia basement floors. Also, concrete cracks are from the substrate under the concrete heaving from problematic soils. Problematic soils can cause your concrete to crack. For more information on Epoxy Injections to solve waterproofing and basement foundation problems, click here.

Why Using An Epoxy Injection For Your Concrete Slab Will Stop Water Infiltration

Why will epoxy injection concrete slab repair in Northern Virginia work? The answer is quite simple if you think about it. Your basement or garage concrete slab has cracked, along with the vapor barrier below, allowing water to infiltrate your home freely. With Fairfax Contractor’s unique epoxy injection process, we can close cracked leaking cracks for good. This process of injecting epoxy into your concrete slab will keep your basement or garage water free for years.

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