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Home-inspection report problems real estate agent northernrginiaHome Inspection Report Problems Real Estate Agent Northern Virginia is Fairfax  Contractor. Fairfax Contractor is here as your partner, to repair last-minute problems your home inspector has found with your current listing.  We have a successful track record in working with several real estate professionals like you, all across Northern Virginia, with excellent references. Your home inspection report may cite several issues that need to be resolved in a tight timeline. You may be the listing agent or the selling agent…all you want is to get to the closing table and have a clean sale. But in today’s real estate world, home inspectors have become more difficult to work with, and their real estate home inspection reports have become very complicated. Many problems we have encountered include unpermitted construction that leaves the buyer with an illegal project and general repairs that need to be corrected. We also have the ability to undertake complex problems such as foundation repairs, waterproofing issues in your client’s basement. To resolve such problems without being overwhelmed, you need a Class A professional contractor with experience in providing solutions that can placate city officials and get you and your clients over the finish line. Minimum improvements you need to consider repairing before selling or listing your Northern Virginia home should include patching foundation holes and cracks. Also, you may need to fix cracks in the walls and ceilings of your home. Make sure broken kitchen appliances are in good working order. Have an HVAC contractor make sure your AC is in good working order. Fix leaky faucets and toilets. Replace broken window glass and repair your roof if necessary.  Here is a list of items that Fairfax Contractor can help you repair in a timely fashion. When buying a home in Northern Virginia most real estate contracts contain a home inspection contingency clause. This contingency clause says the buyer of the home might have problems with the property being discovered during a home inspection problem. If you’re selling your home, you might think there are common repairs needed after a home inspection report. Most home buyers, after seeing the problems won’t commit to purchasing a home. When a home inspector has thoroughly inspected your home. These home inspection reports can become very detailed, if there are problems, this home professional will find them! We have a successful track record in working with several real estate professionals like you, all across Northern Virginia. We can help make your home inspection report more palatable and less stressful for both parties by repairing any issues that are found within the walls of this dwelling–no matter how big or small they may seem at first glance! We know what it takes to close deals on time-sensitive listings because our company has been named as an industry leader since 2009 when we first started helping out homeowners just like yourself who needed their properties analyzed before heading into the negotiations stage.

In Northern Virginia fixing to sell, Is long gone. Thinking of putting your house up for sale as is on today’s market and then seeing what happens is a big mistake. It’s every Northern Virginia listing agent or home seller’s agent’s nightmare.  Just a week or days from closing, the buyer attempts to acquire a release from the purchasing contract and is trying to get back their earnest money.  The reason is typical, it’s an objectionable home inspection report.


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Foundation Problems And Wet Basements

foundation displacement block basement wall VirginiaFoundation problems and wet basements are probably one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome as a real estate professional. So you have found a buyer for a home in Northern Virginia, and after the home inspection report you find a foundation issue. Look to Fairfax Contractor to quickly review the home inspector’s report, and make a no-nonsense solution to not only foundation problems, and wet basements. Next to unpermitted work, this issue of a foundation problem can stop your home sale in a heartbeat. Licensed in Virginia we have the credentials to repair most foundation problems including deflecting basement walls, cracked concrete walls, and water infiltration problems. If necessary we have the engineering staff to quickly resolve these problems for your potential client so that you can get to the closing table as quickly as possible.

Repairing Drywall And Painting For A Quick Sale Of Your Northern Virginia Home

Repairing drywall and painting your Northern Virginia home for a quick sale is key. Fairfax Contractor can repaint the interior and exterior paint of your home. Giving your home s fresh coat of paint is unquestionably the best investment you can make when selling your Virginia home.

Unpermitted Construction Work In Your Northern Virginia Home

Unpermitted construction work in your Northern Virginia home listing can be a deal-breaker when it comes to selling a home. Fairfax  Contractor can unwind unpermitted renovations and work so you can close your sale as a real estate professional. This problem of unpermitted construction work can kill your home sell faster than any other problem. Home inspection report problems real estate agent Northern Virginia include unpermitted construction work.