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Flagstone patio contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. We design all types of flagstone patios in Northern VA. Our most popular type of flagstone for a patio is Pennsylvania natural clef square-cut stone. We also offer irregular Pennsylvania flagstone to our customers in Northern Virginia. Because of the proximity of Pennsylvania to Virginia, this makes an economical product to utilize for your Northern Virginia patio. Other types of flagstone can be used in installing a patio project. This includes Tennessee square cut flagstone, Pennsylvania premium blue, and thermal cut flagstone. Most of our flagstone projects are set on a concrete base. Some customers prefer to have their patio project installed in stone dust or CR8. We also offer flagstone in these types, including Silver Lake flagstone, Oyster Blue Pattern flagstone, Desert Gold flagstone, Manchester, Mystic River, Pinnacle, and Arctic Bay. Deep Blue flagstone shipped in from Arizona. Canyon View,  Asian Blue-stone, Cascade Imperial,  River Pass flagstone, Glacier Bay flagstone and Copper Bay flagstone are sometimes used in our patio projects. For more information on how Fairfax Contractor builds Patios In Northern Virginia, click this link.

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How Flagstone Patio's Are Built In Northern Virginia

How flagstone patios are built in Northern Virginia? The question is answered simply: we base our flagstone patios on a concrete base. Fairfax is arguably the best at building flagstone patios in northern Virginia. Once you and one of our representatives decide on a design, budget, and materials to be used. The next step is to refine the design of your flagstone patio to meet your budget. Almost all of our flagstone patios are built on a concrete base. The reason for building a flagstone patio on a concrete base is that it will not shift and will stand the test of time. What type of concrete should be used for building a breathtaking flagstone patio? The answer is simply ready mix concrete designed with a 3500 psi mix. The first step in designing your patio is to lay out a plan we have come up with to accept the concrete base. Once you have approved the plans, we will install 4 inches of 3500 PSI concrete to create the base of your patio. One important step in getting your Northern Virginia flagstone patio is to do what we call a stone selection. This simply means we will take you to a little stone yard and have you pick out all the flagstone before it is delivered to your house. This assures that you’re getting the proper colors and sizes that meet your needs for the design that has been produced. If there is one important step in building a fantastic flagstone patio is to get the grade right on the slab right. Once the concrete has hydrated in the forms, start installing the flagstone. Fairfax Contractor always sets their flagstone in a mixture of Portland cement and fine masonry sand. Once all the flagstone has been laid, and the joints between the stones have been finished, we will remove the forms of your patio. Of course, we will clean the job site and utilize an acid wash to remove any excess mortar that may remain on your flagstone.

Options For Your Northern Virginia Flagstone Patio

Options for your Northern Virginia flagstone patio include outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting in a flagstone patio will give your project a fantastic nighttime look. We have many options for lighting up your backyard flagstone patio. These include high-voltage and low-voltage lighting activity by installing pillars, staircases, and seating walls. This small feature of exterior lighting can turn a plain patio simple flagstone patio into something special. Other options include a fire pit or even an outdoor fireplace. This option of adding fire to your flagstone patio will give it a true ambiance to your guests. Other features include a special flagstone border that offsets the center point of the flagstone used in your flagstone design. Some other cool features may include an outdoor kitchen, grilling area, and electrical outlets. In addition, some of our most standout flagstone patios may include seating walls. Seating walls give your guests a place to sit on your new flagstone patio and are quite popular with many of the designs we put together.

Does A Flagstone Patio Require A Building Permit

Does a flagstone patio require a building permit in Northern Virginia? The short answer is no patios built on grade do not require a building permit. But there are some exceptions. These exceptions include building a set of stairs going off your home. There are more than two steps to your patio. We must pull the necessary permits with local Northern Virginia County officials. Also, if there is any high-voltage lighting included in the design of your patio, we will need to obtain an electrical permit in most counties in Northern Virginia. Fairfax Contractor has a class A contractors license, and we can obtain the permits for your flagstone patio in Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Prince William County, VA. You will simply need to give us the plat of your home, and our staff will submit the necessary paperwork to obtain a building permit so that patio is code compliant.