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Matching Mortar Brick Repair

Matching Mortar  Brick Repair is so very important if you want to make a brick repair. Fairfax Contractor can make a very close mix to the old mortar when repairing any type of brick repair. You may be looking to repair your Northern Virginia home’s brick patio, walkway, chimney, or face brick on your home. We can find a close match to the mortar to repair just about any tuck-pointing or brick repair. If you are looking for a Northern Virginia contractor that can repair the brick on your home: look no further than Fairfax Contractor. We have years of experience making brick repairs look like they never happened.

Colored Mortar Manufacturers

There are a few companies that make both type N or Type S colored mortar products for brick repair. Matching mortar for any brick repair is key to doing a quality project. In Virginia, Lehigh has some of the best matching colors for brick repair. Not only is it important to get the mortar color close, but it is also key to match how the brick repair is jointed. When making a brick repair, Fairfax Contractor will make sure that the cement joints match the old joints match. There are a few mortar finishes for brick repair that can be made, including concave joints and grapevine joints.

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