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ACO Floor Drain System

ACO floor drain systemACO Floor Drain system is the best product on the market. ACO Drain systems are constructed to last a lifetime. ACO manufactures a  trench drain system that is second to none. ACO floor drains can be constructed of stainless steel, polymer concrete, or fiberglass. ACO offers an incredible choice of grates for their floor drain system. We can utilize the different floor drain grates depending on the application you are trying to achieve. ACO floor drain systems are available in 2″, 4”, 8”, and 12” widths. Fairfax contractors can install a floor drain over a 3 ft level area to move approximately 355 gallons of water per minute in their 100 series. What makes ACO drain systems the top-of-the-line is the built-in continuous slope. Our drainage systems offer light to heavy-duty drainage that can be used for both residential and commercial properties. Like many products, the best floor drain system is one that doesn’t break. And ACO has been around for over 50 years and still going strong! They offer trenches to catch all your dirty water so you don’t have a mess on your hands when it rains or snowstorms; they even come with different grate options depending on what kind of application we want: 2″, 4″, 8″, or 12″ widths – giving us greater flexibility in how big our installation area can be (upwards up 130 ft). This means no more worrying about leaks either since their patented design prevents them from ever letting anything escape into adjacent rooms For more information on floor drains, check this link.

K-100 ACO Floor Drain

K-100 ACO Floor Drain system is Fairfax Contractors’ go-to product. AKO K-100 floor drains are manufactured to the highest standards. These are not the type of floor drains you find in a box store. ACO produces a very high-quality floor drain that will surpass any trench drain on the market. The K 100 ACO floor drain is perfect for many residential projects in Northern Virginia. The unique characteristic of the ACO floor drain is that it is manufactured in 16 different sizes. Each size is graded so that the water flows even on a level surface because of its unique built-in grade so that it can move over 355 gallons of water per minute. If your home has a sloping driveway straight to your garage, this only spells disaster. The ACO K-100 system can be installed in front of your garage so that you will never experience water entering your garage again. The ACO drain system is the only product on the market that can solve water infiltration into your garage, guaranteed. In addition, ACO floor drain systems can be used for residential exterior drainage problems. Commercially the ACO K-100 can be used for medium to heavy traffic. ACO floor drains are available in larger sizes for very heavy traffic such as commercial applications such as parking lots and even airport drainage problems. ACO floor drain system can solve many residential and commercial drainage problems. For more information, check out ACO’s website.

Why ACO Floor Drains Are A Solution For Flooding Garages

aco garage flooding solution northern VirginiaWhy ACO floor drains are a solution for flooding in Northern Virginia. Many Northern Virginia homeowners have a driveway that slopes directly to the garage. If that is the case at your home, you may be experiencing flooding in your garage. All garages are poured level, which means that if your driveway slopes to your garage it will probably flood. Simply installing a box store floor drain will not be able to move the water away from your garage effectively. The beauty of the ACO floor drain is that it incorporates a gradient that will move water entering your garage and diverted to a drain tile. This method will keep your garage from ever flooding again. Reach out to Fairfax Contractor, who can install a drain system that works!

ACO Drain Grate Designs

ACO grates stylesACO Drain Grate Designs come in a wide variety of styles. Included cast-iron grates, slotted aluminum, and decorative ACO grates. One of the most popular ACO grates is the Type 420Q A Galv Slotted Grate 1 M.

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