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Renewing Your Concrete Driveway Without Replacing it Through Refinishing

concrete refinishing Fairfax contractorRefinishing a concrete driveway without replacement, many of my clients are looking for a way to fix up their cracked and worn-out concrete driveways. It is possible to refinish a cracked and discolored concrete driveway, walkway, or patio without tearing out and pouring new concrete. Fairfax Contractor possesses the ability to relive an aged concrete driveway at a fraction of the cost of the actual replacement. Though refinishing your driveway with a Portland-based product may not stand the test of time, If you’re looking to upgrade the exterior of your home for sale or economic reasons, re-topping your current concrete driveway might be the best decision this year. The key to producing a professional-looking finished topping on your current driveway lies with two factors. Number one is to have your contractor utilize a concrete finishing product of professional standards. The second is for your contractor to understand the methodology of the application of the product. Yes, it is true you can certainly refinish or driveway without replacing it.

How To Repair A Old Concrete Driveway

So you have decided not to tear out and replace your existing concrete driveway because of the cost. The question now is how to repair an old, cracked, discolored driveway without the cost of replacement. Fairfax Contractor can consult you on the best ways of repairing an old driveway. Understand this method will not last forever; it is a short time fix, perhaps standing up for a few years at best. But if you’re selling your home and don’t want to go to the expense of concrete replacement, concrete repair is a viable alternative. If you agreed to have your concrete driveway, patio, or walkway repaired by Fairfax Contractor, we will utilize the following installation. If your existing concrete driveway has major cracks, we may say that the concrete is perpendicular to the crack and epoxy in a mechanical connection to the two slabs of concrete with rebar. After the major cracks have been repaired, we will power wash the driveway to remove any undesirable debris that may inhibit the Portland-based concrete refinishing material. Once your driveway is completely clean, we will prepare the cement coating that will revitalize your existing driveway. This is typically applied with troweling on the modified cement mixture and giving it a fine broom finish. We can use our refurbishing concrete process for walkways too!

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