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Cutting Out A Brick Wall To Install A Window

cut out brick for window install northern va

Cutting Out A Brick Wall To Install A Window is one Fairfax Contractors’ claim to fame. Fairfax Contractor can cut out a brick wall to install a new window where none exists in a brick wall in your home. Sure, there are many window replacement contractors in Northern Virginia, but how many can cut out a brick wall in your home and install a new window where one does not exist? The answer is not many. Here at Fairfax Contractor, we have the masons and window installers that work as a team to do just that. Do you want to add another window to your room to let in natural light? Are you intimidated by the task of cutting into a brick wall to get a new window? You can hire Fairfax Contractor in Northern Virginia to get a new window installed in a brick or even a sided section of your Northern Virginia Home. This job should be performed with a DPOR Class A contractor that displays an RBC (Residential Building Contractor) Fairfax Contractor can cut out a brick wall to install a new window.  There is no need to panic. You can hire Fairfax Contractor in Northern Virginia to get this job done for less than you might imagine. We can help you to find the matching brick and mortar to close in your window. Fairfax Contractor also recommends a replacement window that will match the current windows in your home.

These Are The Time-Tested Methods We Used To Install A Window In A Brick Wall.


The first step Fairfax Contractor uses in cutting out the brick walls for a window involves the installation of a steel lintel just above the hole you want to make in the wall for your new window. Fairfax Contractor will cut the brick in the wall using an angle grinder. The mortar layer between the bricks must be penetrated with the grinder, chisel, and hammer. After removing the brick, we will install a steel lintel into the gap to support the load above the window or door. We will be careful to match not only the but also the mortar joint.


The angle grinder once again needs to be used for cutting into the outline drawn on the wall. We do not need to push too hard because the tool works efficiently. It is advisable to wear that our master masons use a dust mask because of the excessive dust which is generated while cutting into the brick wall.


After we cut into the wall along the outline, you need to dislodge the bricks by cutting into the mortar. The mortar loosens quickly because it is softer in texture than bricks. When holes are drilled into the mortar, the bricks automatically come off without much effort. We then create a tiger tooth pattern, here as one of the cuts is left intact and the second is cut back one brick. Giving the brick a tiger tooth look.


cutting a window into a brick wall

The 4th step is to remove the bricks from the window opening,  in case all of the bricks do not come out, we will take an angel grinder and clean the opening. Knocking out bricks is possible with a hammer and chisel. Fairfax Contractor will be careful while hitting around the edges of the hole so that the other bricks which are not supposed to be moved remain intact. Once the exact opening for your new window is created, we will mortar in the steel lintel that supports the load above the cutout. If your Northern Virginia home was built before the early 1960’ it may be constructed as a pure masonry wall, where we will need to install two steel lintels to support the window opening: one for the 8”x 4”x 16”  cinder block and the other to support the face brick. If your home is less than 35 years old, we will sport the load for the new window with lumber. At any rate, we will pull the County’s required building permits to assure you the project is code compliant.

Final Step To Finish Your Window Cut In A Brick Wall.

The Final step to complete a successful opening in a brick wall is to install a window to use the brick, remove new brick to close in the lentil and tiger notches, and build the window sill. We can also install the interior insulation, drywall, and paint. Once the window opening is ready for the insulation of the new window, our experienced carpentry crews can install the brick molding and interior trim. Once all window trim is installed, we will give it a final coat of paint and get a final inspection from the county.

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