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Outdoor Fireplace Contractor

Outdoor Fireplace Contractor, Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. We can custom-build all types of outdoor fireplaces for your upcoming patio project. The center point of your hardscape plan might be an outdoor fireplace. Fairfax Contractor has the experience of building amazing outdoor fireplaces built from stone or brick. Our Northern Virginia patio program features outdoor fireplaces that can add a special touch to any new patio project. In Nova, Fairfax Contractor can build various outdoor fireplaces to fit just about any design.

Designing A Outdoor Fireplace In Northern Virginia

Designing an outdoor fireplace for your backyard patio project has many options. In designing an outdoor fireplace, one must consider the price. We build small, medium, and large outdoor fireplaces on many projects. Some design options include wood storage, a hearth, and sitting ideas. When designing an outdoor fireplace, it is important to understand how a fireplace is constructed. The general components include the firebox, throat, and actual chimney itself. Our designers can determine the correct size of the firebox, throat, and height of the chimney. If your outdoor fireplace is not designed correctly, there is a chance that there will be issues with the fireplace not drafting properly. We can calculate the size of the firebox, throat, and height of the chimney to ensure proper smoke drafting. Other options in designing your outdoor chimney include natural gas as fuel, making it easier to enjoy your fireplace. When considering the style of your outdoor fireplace, you might want to consider your budget. This budget will help your designer develop the best design for your outdoor fireplace. Most of the fireplaces we build on patio and deck projects are designed with the ideas you have seen on other sites. If you have a design in mind, we have professional Masons that can replicate that design. One of our most popular designs includes terra-cotta and rain caps in our fireplace designs.

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How We Build Outdoor Patio Fireplaces

The fundamentals of building an outdoor patio fireplace include building the proper foundation. Once you have designed where you want to place your outdoor wood-burning fireplace on your patio, you need a design. Fairfax Contractor can build a custom-built stone or brick outdoor patio fireplace. Once the foundation is laid, we will build the substructure out of the cinder block. When the outline of your outdoor fireplace has been constructed with the cinder block base. We will then determine the firebox size and any options, including a hearth, mantle, and storage area. Your choice of stone or brick will be veneered over the cinder block. The interior of the firebox should be constructed of fire brick for safety purposes. We lay the fire brick with refractory mortar, which can withstand high temperatures.

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