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Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Northern Virginia

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Northern Virginia

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Northern Virginia Is one of Fairfax Contractors’ specialties.. We can turn your outdated bathroom into a showcase room in your house. We are a design-build company that remodels bathrooms in the Northern Virginia area. Many studies point to the fact that remodeling your bathroom is one of the best returns on investment of the leading home improvement projects. Our designers can help you plan the perfect bathroom based on your wish list of what you want your new bathroom to offer. Fairfax Contractor can help you not only plan your bathroom project but help you with selecting the correct fixtures, lighting, tile, and other accouterments necessary to update your bathroom. We work with the leading vendors in this area, offering you incredible discounts on marble and tile, bathroom cabinets, vanity tops, frameless glass shower doors, and many other distributors specializing in bathroom materials. Fairfax Contractor can install a glass block shower for planning and material selection; we also can secure all the necessary permits if required to remodel your bathroom. We hold a class A contractor’s license in Virginia so that we can pull permits in all of Northern Virginia’s jurisdictions. As a company, we employ skilled workers that are experts in tile setting, drywall, carpentry, and painting. We will need to subcontract any electrical or plumbing changes to a reputable licensed electrician and/or plumber. We have a time-tested methodology to install a bathroom on time, on budget, and into something you will be proud of for years. Our bathroom remodeling projects are not only a great addition to your home but is also a great overall investment in your future.

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Bathroom Design Service

Designing your bathroom can be a daunting task! Where to start? What will fit? What products to choose? What's new? What are the codes? Need we say more? All of the questions necessary to create a great bathroom design can be answered for you easily when you select Fairfax Contractor. Here's why! We use the best designers in the industry. Whether you need simple bathroom remodel or a complex custom masterpiece using the finest products available, we can design it for you. Having a great design is the foundation to creating a beautiful bathroom. It's where the magic begins! Crystallizing your vision into a great design is the most important step in the process. A beautiful bathroom begins with asking the right questions, then transforming the answers into a tangible picture or sketch. Our design team will work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life! The design stage, even if this is just a simple toilet/shower/cabinet bathroom remodel, some kind of design or planning will need to take place. Contractor designed bathroom remodels may follow any number of template designs or custom designs.

Demolishing Your Old Bathroom

Demolition stage. If your bathroom remodel is a complete tear-out and replace project, then we will arrange for a roll-off dumpster or dump trailer to remove the mess. Even for more minor projects, some kind of demolition will take place. In a complete bathroom remodeling project, where all of the drywall has been removed and the walls have been stripped down to bare studs is where the true work begins. In older homes it's important to consider if asbestos, mold or lead is present in the bathroom. If it has been determined that any of these toxic substances have been detected, special care must be taken in demolishing the old room. Any remediation necessary can be done at additional cost. These areas are unforeseen problems that can occur in remodeling any room in your house. After  Fairfax Contractor has completely torn out all the old bathroom fixtures, drywall, tile, we will remove the job related debris to the dump. This leaves a fresh canvas update and create a brand-new bathroom in your Northern Virginia home.

Bathroom Rough-In

The bathroom roughing-In Stage, includes plumbing and electrical  upgrades that are of key importance in any bathroom remodel. The plumbers and electricians will "rough-in" their work to make any changes you may want in your bathroom design.  The first step is to reconfigure, change, or inspect the existing plumbing. An electrical contractor will be contacted to install any code required new outlets, and install outlet boxes, wiring new fans, or lighting boxes. If your bathroom is to have a mud pan used for a shower base, it will need to be constructed. Typical construction of a mud pan for shower use is built by framing the area for the shower. A specialized rubber mat is carefully laid into the shower pan area and up the walls and over the framing, to create the perfect seal so that your shower will not leak. The next step is to apply a mixture of Portland cement, and little bit of sand. This is mixed with water to create a thick paste that is used to create the base of the shower, one must note that the configuration of this base must be slanted in all directions towards the drain. Once all of the plumbing and electrical rough in work has been completed the County will need to inspect all of the work. When the rough in inspection has passed, we will then re-insulate the exterior walls of the bathroom. A County inspector will return to make sure that the insulation provides the R factors required by code, and that the bathroom framing has been properly fire blocked.

Drywall Installation and Painting Bathrooms

The drywall installation can begin once Fairfax Contractor has received the County's, Rough-In Inspection. Unlike other rooms in your home, specialized drywall is used in bathrooms. The bathroom in general will call for a half inch "green board" drywall installed in all areas except for where tile will be installed. In the wall area where the tile is, Durock cement board will be installed. All seems in the drywall will be taped, blocked, and skim coated with drywall compound. Once the drywall in your bathroom has been properly jointed, it will be sanded and re pointed and any flaws in the work will be rechecked. At this point, we will use a good quality primer to paint all of the green board. A special light will be used to check the primed bathroom walls for further flaws, and those flaws will be repaired. Then all green board walls will be painted with 2 coats of good quality semi gloss paint.

Bathroom Remodeling An Investment

In Northern Virginia there are a handful of projects that can increase the value of your home, one of the best is remodeling a bathroom. Fairfax Contractor can install a bathroom in your basement that does not exist, which in turn will greatly increase the value of your home.Many experts agree that one of the best investments you make in your home is remodeling your master bathroom. In addition to adding a bathroom we can also remodel your existing power room, master bathroom, or any bathroom in your home that needs remodeling. Our professional design staff offers not only, space planning, but material selection, and very competitive pricing. Probably the biggest impact on any bathroom remodeling project is selection of quality tile. We offer a wide variety of ceramic tile, porcelain tile,  travertine and granite tiles. Perhaps you're not looking to do a complete bathroom remodeling project. If that's the case, we can also upgrade your existing bathroom to something more updated. We focus on refreshing all bathrooms, with newer fixtures and perhaps some new decorating touches,such as re-painting, or simply replacing the worn out grout in your shower. If you are looking for a licensed expert in bathroom remodeling you have found the right company in Fairfax Contractor to complete nothing short of magazine quality remodeling projects.

Save Money By Using Fairfax Contractor To Remodel Your Bathroom

Fairfax Contractor offers a fresh and unique way to inexpensively remodel your bathroom. The methodology is to control all aspects of the installation procedures necessary to create your new bathroom and from start to finish. This includes plumbing, tile setting, carpentry, painting and electrical to complete your bathroom. We can handle pulling all the necessary permits to create a code compliant bathroom remodeling project of your dreams, it's what we do. Saving you money, we offer all materials at our discounted rates as one of the leading bathroom contractors in Northern Virginia. If you choose Fairfax Contractor as your bathroom remodeling company you will save big money, because we allow you to utilize our accounts to buy all of your fixtures, tile, and building materials at cost. These savings can add up quickly to bring a modest budget, and even multiply to create an incredibly affordable bathroom project. One of  the of your most important choices is to pick out your bathroom vanity. 

Full Service Bathroom Contractor

Fairfax Contractor is a full-service bathroom remodeling contractor. Not only are we able to pull all necessary County building permits, design breathtaking bathrooms, and take your dreams to reality with our installation team, we offer even more. Our warranties are some of the best in the industry, and the products we install are always fully guaranteed to your complete satisfaction. We have the ability to install a basement bathroom that is only partially roughed out, to complete state-of-the-art, decorated bathroom project. If you're not looking for something to fancy, we can also simply upgrade a powder room, or master bath by doing small changes to aesthetically increase the appearance of your existing bathroom.