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Masonry Repair Northern Virginia

Masonry Repair Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. We can perform minor to major masonry repairs on your Northern Virginia home. It is hard to find a mason who will take on small projects in your homes, brick, concrete, and stonework. Our company has personnel that is skilled in the art of masonry repair and restoration.

Many handyman companies claim to be able to restore your weather-worn flagstone, brick patio, or walkway projects. We see these handyman repairs daily, and they look like they made the problem worse.

Our company has personnel that is skilled in the art of masonry repair and restoration. Masonry repair requires the ability to match mortar color so that the repair looks like the original work. Fairfax Contractor can tackle any type of masonry repair project in Northern Virginia Masonry repair requires the ability to match mortar color so that the repair looks like the original work.  We will take the time to match the jointing of the brick to conform to the original work.  Next is taking the time to match the brick or stone that may be broken. Getting your brick to match the masonry repair is very important. Fairfax contractors can tackle any type of masonry repair project in Northern Virginia.

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Types Of Masonry Repairs In Northern Virginia

Fairfax Contractor provides a wide range of masonry repairs in Northern Virginia. If you’re looking for a company to repair your, brick, flagstone patio, or walkway you came to the right place. If you need to repair any masonry problems we can repair any type of problems you have.  Through freeze and thaw cycles of Northern Virginia, can wreck major problems with the mortar cracking on their patio, walkway, or retaining walls. One of our specialties in repairing masonry failing projects includes repairing retaining walls and retaining wall egress walkout basement wall problems. Your home located in Northern Virginia might have its egress walkout that is deflecting and failing. Fairfax Contractor can repair egress walls that lead to your basement. We have repaired egress retaining walls to your basement for years. If you're looking for a licensed contractor that has the knowledge to fix this type of problem check us out. Failing basement egress walk-out can be repaired by Fairfax Contractor. One of the specialties of Fairfax Contractor is to repair cracked mortar joints. This may not be as easy as it seems because it’s very important to make sure that the mortar matches the original mortar used in the project. We will take quite a bit of care and try to match as closely as possible the mortar used to repair your cracked mortar joints. Also, we can reset any loose brick or flagstone to alleviate the need for a major repair later down the line. If your patio or walkway is completely starting to disintegrate, we can re-point an entire patio or walkway to its original condition. Most masonry contractors don’t want to take on the small projects but these certainly are something that we would be interested in giving you some free advice and an estimate on any of your cracked brick or stonework.

Repairing A Deteriorating Patio Or Walkway

Repairing a deteriorating patio or walkway is a remodeling project that is best done by a professional masonry company such as Fairfax Contractor. Utilizing a handyman service to refurbish the old flagstone patio, brick patio, or a flagstone walkway would be an absolute mistake. Our time-tested methodology for repairing your Northern Virginia home's hardscapes is absolutely the best way to restore your aged masonry work. The first step we take is to thoroughly power wash stone or brick that was used to lay the original patio or walkway. All broken or cracked brick or flagstone will be replaced. Once the repairs which may include adjusting the grade, and step risers have been corrected we will then go to the next step. The next step in refurbishing your patio or walkway is to cut out all of the mortar joints. Great care must be taken to make sure that the mortar matches the original. Typically, a flagstone patio will be laid in a mixture of Portland cement and masonry sand. Once all of the cut-out joints have been thoroughly cleaned we will carefully tuck point all of the joints so that they match in color and finish. Once the cement has hydrated, we will come back and thoroughly clean the surface of your patio or walkway with muriatic acid. This will leave your patio or walkway looking like the day it was first installed.

Parging A Foundation Wall

Fairfax Contractor is an expert in parging your foundation walls. If your Northern Virginia home exterior interior block walls are in need of parging we can help. As masonry contractors, we work in Northern Virginia. Improving you’re your home’s exterior cinder block by parging the walls to look like freshly poured concrete. For more information on parging click this link.

Our Credentials As A Masonry Repair Contractor

Our credentials as a masonry repair contractor in Northern Virginia include the fact we have been working for 43 years. We are not a handyman service, we are a class A contractor licensed by the state of Virginia with a class A (RCB) endorsement. This means our company is capable of repairing all types of brick, stone, and tucks pointing repairs.  We also carry $2,000,000 worth of liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance on all of our skilled masons. We take pride in all of our masonry repair projects. call us today for a free estimate at 703-725-7945. In addition, Fairfax, contractor is licensed as a (CBC) commercial building contractor through the Virginia DPOR. Less than 2% of the commercial masonry repair contractors hold this type of license. We can perform all types of masonry repairs on your commercial building in Northern Virginia. These Masonry repair projects include commercial tuck pointing, and failing Masonry structures in your NOVA commercial property. Dealing with a Northern Virginia contractor that is licensed to do work on your commercial property is key to the completion, that's what's important to deal with a Masonry contractor with the right credentials.

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