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How To Solve a Basement That Floods

Has your basement flooded recently? If so, Fairfax Contractor can help you repair the damage.  The first step is to get the water out of your basement immediately. How the water is removed depends on how much water there is.  In the worst case, the water will be pumped out. After the water has been removed, you will need to get the area dry. Fans and dehumidifiers can be run until the basements’ humidity level returns to an acceptable level.  It will be important to remove anything that has been damaged and will take too long to dry out, like carpets and drywall damaged by water. It’s surprising how quickly mold and mildew will creep up. 

Where Causes a Basement to Flood

Once your basement is completely dry you will want to determine what caused the flooding. It never makes sense to start repairing the damage without fixing the problem that caused the flood. Water can enter your basement in a number of ways however in most cases the water is entering the basement due to hydrostatic water pressure. Water tends to find a path of least resistance when the ground becomes saturated.  So a weak point in your foundation is a perfect place for the water to enter.  Installing or repairing a perimeter drainage system is considered one of the best solutions for solving a basement that floods.  An interior drainage system will  channel the water in to sump pit where the sump pump will get the water out.  Perimeter drains can be installed on both the inside and outside of the foundation. It is also important to seal any cracks in the walls and floors. We will also need to make sure we can get all the water from downspouts directed away from the structure to an appropriate location on the lot.
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Waterguard Perimeter Basement Drainage Systems

Waterguard Perimeter basement drainage system will solve your flooding basement in your Northern Virginia home. Waterguard Perimeter basement drainage system is absolutely the best way to waterproof your wet, flooding basement problems for good. This cutting edge water management system is the best drainage system Fairfax Contractor uses. One of the great advantages of using Advanced Waterproofing Systems channels is in their design. The design of Advanced Waterproofing Systems is unquestionably the best system from keeping your basement from flooding. Advanced Waterproofing Systems fix’s the two main reasons basement foundation wall leak, causing basement flooding. Which include cracked cinder block and water infiltration from your basement wall foundation walls and the cold joint of your basement concrete slab.

Final Steps In  Install Basement Water Management System Northern Virginia

When we have installed the Advanced Waterproofing System we will connect the system to a sump pump. The most important part of a water management system is the sump pump and crib installation. For more information on how we install sump pumps click this link.