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Northern Virginia Walkway Contractor is Fairfax  Contractor. Fairfax  Contractor builds walkway projects of all types in Northern Virginia. If you live in Northern Virginia, there is an outstanding chance that your builder put in, a cookie-cutter lead walkway to your home. Fairfax Contractor is a licensed company designing and installing some of the finest walkway projects in the area. No permit is required to replace your sidewalk in most jurisdictions in Northern Virginia. However, if you plan to replace your stoop, we must pull a building permit to make this a legal structure. Fairfax Contractor is a local company installing beautiful walkway projects for years. These walkways we have installed were well planned, designed with the client in mind, and installed using time-tested installation techniques. If you are considering changing your current front walkway, or other walkways at your home, it would be advantageous to call the experts at Fairfax Contractor for some good advice. Please call 703-725-7945 for a free consultation on how we can redesign your walkway. If you choose us as your contractor for your new walkway project, understand you will be in good hands because we are a Virginia class A licensed and insured contractor.  Some of the walkway projects we undertake range from flagstone walkways, concrete walkways, brick walkways, and decorative concrete walkways. One of Fairfax Contractor’s specialties is replacing concrete residential walkways.  If your walkway is broken, cracked and in need of a replacement, please call us for a free estimate. Fairfax Contractor offers some of the best pricing for walkway installations in Northern Virginia.

Pouring a concrete slab is not as simple as one might think. As a homeowner, there are many considerations when choosing a concrete company to do work for you. The first question you need to ask is whether this concrete company is licensed. Fairfax Contractor has a Virginia Class A with an RBC (Residential Building Contractor)  endorsement, which is the highest license issued in the state of Virginia. Fairfax Contractor has over 30 years of experience installing a wide variety of walkway projects. We build walkways with flagstone, brick pavers, travertine pavers, and concrete.  As a masonry contractor in VA, we have experience pouring colored concrete, micro-exposed concrete, and stamped concrete. We have successfully installed many walkway jobs in the Northern Virginia area.

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Designing Your Walkway Project In Northern Virginia

If you call Fairfax Contractor we will send out a knowledgeable design consultant to talk to you about planning your future walkway project. They will ask you some questions that will create what we call a wish list. A wish list is all of the features, design elements, materials, options, and most importantly the price point you are willing to put into having your walkway replaced. The most popular choice for designing a new walkway to your home is to use a free-flowing design. Our walkway designers can come up with a wide variety of different designs that are absolutely much more appealing than what you're builder originally installed. In designing your new walkway, we offer a wide range of materials to either cap your existing walkway or cover your freshly poured concrete walkway design. We use materials that include clay brick pavers, square cut flagstone, irregular flagstone, travertine pavers, interlocking concrete pavers, and decorative concrete. We can even combine materials to give your Northern Virginia walkway project a one of a kind look.

Walkway Concrete Base Preparation

Before concrete can be poured the base area of your walkway project it must be properly prepared. If you have an existing cracked walkway that needed to be replaced the 1st step is to remove the concrete. Concrete removal is typically done with a Bobcat and/or with jackhammers. The broken concrete is then loaded into a dump truck and removed from the job site. If there is no existing concrete then the dirt in the area to be poured needs to be graded and/or excavated to prepare for the ultimate concrete pour. The quintessential element in every concrete job is to get the grade is set so that there is no standing water once the project is complete. To achieve the proper grade a transit, laser, and string lines will be set to determine exactly how the slab will be graded. Once these guidelines are placed the area will be marked with spray paint to replicate the plan you negotiated with your estimator. After the area has been correctly marked, we will form the plan with various sizes of lumber. After the lumber has been installed you will be allowed to approve the walkway plans and designs for the forming of your new walkway.  After the gravel base has been tamped grade stakes will be placed and checked to make sure that a 4-inch area is readied for the concrete pour. To double check everything we typically like to have our clients check the forming process because this represents the size and grade of the finished product. Having the client check the forms will ensure that there are no misunderstandings because it's much easier to move forms then the moving concrete. One must consider what is the best way to reinforce your concrete slab. The options include welded steel wire mesh, rebar, or residential micro fiberglass, ask your estimator for the proper reinforcement options for your new concrete slab. Fairfax Contractor is northern Virginia's leading flagstone, brick, travertine marble, concrete paver walkway contractor. We work primarily with Pennsylvania flagstone in both the square cut and irregular varieties. In addition, we also install a wide variety of clay brick paver walkways, these walkways can be laid out in a wide range of patterns. Travertine marble pavers have become all the rage currently, and we have an excellent source for this long-lasting material. If you are interested in having an interlocking concrete paver walkway installed, we have the personnel to do the job right the 1st time.

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