Interior Door Contractor Northern Virginia

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Interior Door Contractor Northern Virginia

interior 6 pane doorInterior door contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. If you’re Northern the home has flat doors, and you want to replace them with a modern six panel door we are your contractor. Many homes built in the 1970’s and 1980’s used a flat louan interior door. Many homeowners want to upgrade to the traditional 6 panel door system. The interior six panel door will certainly upgrade, and modernize your home. Fairfax Contractor can replace these outdated doors to an interior six panel doors. The six panel doors come in two variants which include louan 6 panel and solid wood six panel doors. We can retrofit your dated doors to a modern six panel door. Depending on the size of your door opening, we can utilize pre-hung doors, or customize your door system for the interior part of your home. As a handyman contractor we are experts in replacing interior doors.

How We Install New Interior Doors.

Obviously the first step is to remove your existing interior door that is to be replaced. Typically we have found the exact size of the door to be replaced. When your door has been removed. Our expert carpenters will check the size, and install a new six panel door to fit the exact size. Most often we are working with premium pre-hung interior doors. Once the new interior door has been installed, we will carefully caulk the door trim. When the interior door has been leveled and leveled, and all trim has been caulked. We will install the appropriate lock set for the door. Your interior door will be primed, and painted to your specifications.

Types Of Interior Doors We Replace

There are many types of interior doors that Fairfax contractor can replace. These include closet doors, bi fold doors, and  failing pocket door systems. Our carpenters have the ability to cut doors in the interior of your home where they are irregular in size. If you’re looking to upgrade your interior doors, email services can replace outdated doors to increase the value of your Northern Virginia home.

Where We Install Interior Doors In Northern Virginia