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Patio Contractor Northern Virginia

Patio Contractor Northern Virginia

Patio Contractor, Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor installs some of the best-designed flagstone and Brick patios in Northern Virginia. Our design team can help you plan the flagstone patio or brick patio of your dreams. Some of the factors that you may want to consider when building a flagstone patio are your budget, material selection, design, and location of your new patio. Almost exclusively, all of the flagstone patios that Fairfax contractor builds are constructed on a concrete base.

In addition to the patio itself, we can install extra patio features such as outdoor lighting, seating walls, patio pergolas, screen porches, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fireplaces. We can offer very nice fire pits for your patio. For more information about fire pits, check this link. If you are looking for a licensed, insured contractor to construct your flagstone patio, Fairfax Contractor offers outstanding warranties, installation, and customer service. Our design and estimates are always free, so fill in the contact form or call us today at 703–725–7945. Fairfax Contractor is unquestionably one of the best patio contractors in Northern Virginia.

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Types of Patios We Install in Northern Virginia

Paver Patio Contractor

Fairfax Contractor installs interlocking concrete paver patios. There are many choices when it comes to designing and installing your interlocking concrete paver brick patio. Our designers can put together a breathtaking paver patio on an aggregate base. The beauty of a concrete interlocking brick paver is the fact that it is easily maintained. There are many name brands of pavers that Fairfax Contractor offers for interlocking brick pavers. When installing a paver patio matching blocks are available for seating walls, fire pits and fireplaces. Additional features for a new paver patio are low voltage cooking stations or kitchens, water features and planter beds and boxes along with steps and walkways.

Travertine Patio Contractor

Travertine pavers have been used for patios since ancient times. Fairfax Contractor can install a wide variety of patterns and colors when it comes to designing a travertine patio. Travertine patios have become quite popular in Northern Virginia because of their durability and natural beauty. Fairfax contractor typically installs their travertine pavers on a concrete base. Travertine pavers come in different patterns and colors, The most common choices of travertine pavers or Ivory and Walnut, but many other verities are available. Some of our most premium verities include Tuscany, Niche, Roman Blend, and Silver.

Stamped Concrete Patio Contractor

Are you looking for a patio that looks great and will not break the bank?  Then we think you should consider a stamped concrete patio.  With so many styles and colors available you will be sure to find something that will match your home’s architecture and landscaping.  Our design staff can customize the layout and features to build your dream patio. If you’re not sure where to start we can guide you through the details and help you compare between a natural stone patio, paver patio, concrete patio or a stamped concrete patio,  We do it all!  We want you to be happy so will give you the information you need and let you decide which type of patio will meet your needs. Read More

Installation Methods For Your Flagstone Patio

Fairfax contractor almost always installs their flagstone and Slate patios on a 4-inch concrete base. In rare exceptions, we will install square cut flagstone on a base of 21 A. Typically these dry set flagstone patios are installed in the Virginia city limits of Vienna because of their strict lot coverage policies. The 1st step in installing a flagstone patio is to remove any soil, existing patio, or deck in the area to be utilized for your new patio plan.

Once your lot has been graded to the necessary levels, we will start the installation process. Fairfax Contractor will take your approved patio plans and spray paint them out into your yard. The next step in installing your flagstone patio is to excavate for any stairs system that may be required to egress from your house to your new patio. After excavation of your patio stair system is complete, it will be needed to be inspected by local building officials.

After we have passed the footing inspection, we will form up your patio with a combination of flexible lumber and 2″x4″ boards to create the form of your patio builders for your approval. Once approved, we will tamp the soil and pour a reinforced concrete slab. The reinforcement utilized for most flagstone patio bases is residential fiber. Once the concrete has been laid for your flagstone patio, we will start to veneer the concrete base with your pre-selected flagstone choice. Most often, a combination of Portland cement, fine masonry sand, and water will create the bonding agent to lay the flagstone onto your patio.

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