Basement Remodeling In Northern Virginia

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Basement Remodeling In Northern Virginia

Basement Remodeling In Northern Virginia

basement remodeling in Northern VirginiaBasement Remodeling In Northern Virginia can be done to increase the value of your and give you added living space. Fairfax Contractor has the ability, not to only design, but build out any basement remodeling projects you may want as a Northern Virginia homeowner. In NOVA we are your go to contractor to remodel your basement. As a Virginia class A contractor we have the ability to design, build the basement of your dreams. In Fairfax County, Fairfax Contractor typically utilizes the Fairfax County basement detail to pull the necessary permits to remodel your basement. If you’re going to remodel your basement in Fairfax County, Arlington County, Loudon County, or Prince William County we will follow the Virginia state wide 2015 building codes. Remodeling your  basement can add value to your home.

Basement permits For Your Northern Virginia Basement Remodeling Project

As a DPOR license Virginia contractor, Fairfax contractor has the ability to pull all necessary permits to construct a legal basement rehab. Permits that will be needed include a building permit, an electrical permit, and if you’re adding a basement bathroom, a plumbing permit. Beyond this, an HVAC permit is probably going to be required to facilitate the cooling and heating of your newly remodeled basement. Once all of the required permits have been pulled by Fairfax contractor, and your space planning is complete we will start the construction project.


Egress Window Or Walk Out For Your Basement Remodeling Project

The current code of Virginia 2015 requires an egress window or egress walkout in all new basement remodeling projects. We have the ability to install a code compliant egress system for your basement remodeling project. If you want to add a bedroom to your basement; it will require an additional egress window. We can pull the building permits to install a code compliant Northern Virginia egress windows. For more information on egress windows click this link.

Planning Your Northern Virginia Basement Remodeling Project

Remodeling an unfinished, or outdated basement in your Northern Virginia home can be an outstanding investment, and certainly adds tremendous value to your home. One must take careful consideration in planning the layout of your remodeled basement project. The designers at Fairfax Contractor have the experience to guide you through this planning process. The first step in planning a basement remodeling project is to establish a reasonable budget to acquire what you want to obtain in your newly remodeled basement. Adding a bedroom, bathroom, and recreational area in your basement will greatly increase the value of your  NOVA homes value. Many owners of homes in Northern Virginia want to include a media room, workout room, or even a custom-built office space. Other options include a unique bar, and what many men want, a man cave. Fairfax Contractor will take the time to listen to your design ideas, and put them into an affordable basement build out that will not only meet your needs but will also meet your spending limits.

Make Sure That Your Basement Has No Waterproofing Issues

Before any remodeling project should be started for your basement remodeling project, you should be sure that there are no underlying waterproofing problems in your current basement. Fairfax Contractor has expert personnel to repair just about any basement foundation repair problems before the construction of your new basement remodeling project starts. Questions should be asked if your basement has ever flooded, or has damp walls. These problems relating to waterproofing your basement should be addressed before any construction starts. Once any waterproofing problems have been repaired you can comfortably start the construction of your new basement remodeling job.

Adding A Bathroom To Your Northern Virginia Basement

basement shower with multiple body spraysAdding a bathroom to your Northern Virginia Basement remodeling project can add value to your home.When Fairfax Contractor designs and builds most of our basement remodeling projects we often install a new bathroom. Even a 1/2 bath, or a full bath if there is a bedroom, is good to be designed into your basement renovation. We can get this task professionally finished. There are many design, and finish considerations, that are necessary to complete a basement with a bathroom. One of the first steps in remodeling your basement is to configure the plumbing for your new bathroom. Many newer homes in Northern Virginia were constructed with a rough in plumbing system. Oftentimes the concrete floor of your basement will need to be jack hammered to get the configuration of the plumbing to align with your new basement bathroom design. A plumbing permit will be necessary to install a bathroom in your basement in Northern VA. For more information about installing a bathroom in your new basement remodeling project click this link.

Framing Codes For A Basement Remolding  Job

One of the inspections we will have to pass is a framing inspection for your basement remodeling projects.Wall construction in your basement will require us to utilize pressure-treated lumber for the base plate of any wall. Once the base plates of your basement have been set with steel nails. We will print out your basement with 2″x 4″ construction set on 16 inch centers. A 2 x 4 can be utilized as a header for non bearing walls up to 8 feet in width but no more than 24 inches in height. Fire blocking will be installed in your 2 x 4 framed walls. After your NOVA homes basement has been framed, it will need to be inspected.


Upgrading The Electrical System For Your basement remodeling project can add value to your home.

gfci outlet fairfax vaIf you are looking for a company to remodel your basement in Northern Virginia Fairfax Contractor is one of the best. It will be necessary to pull an electrical permit to bring your basement living space up to 2012. Basement Remodeling In Northern Virginia requires electrical permits. As a safety measure, Northern Virginia Counties require to have tamper-resistant outlets for remolding a basement. These outlets can be identified by the recessed letters TR on the front of the outlet. GFCI outlets are now required in all new basement remodeling improvements. we typically use a 15- to 20-ampere rated branch circuit for general purposes such as lighting and outlets.  A plugged-in electrical device will not exceed 80 percent of the circuit rating per VA code. Electrical requirements for Northern Virginia basement remodeling need at least one switched light which we will installed in each room and hallway. Bathrooms built in your basement must have at least one outlet located on a wall adjacent to each sink and within 36” inches of the bathroom sink. As stated before bathroom outlets must have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection.

Insulating Your Basement Is The Code In NOVA

Insulating your basement is the code in NOVA for remodeling your basement. Fairfax Contractor uses R-13 bat insulation is applied on the interior of your basement walls. In addition to installing insulation we will make sure that all areas are fireproofed by using rockwool insulation. At this point we will call in an insulation inspection for county inspectors to check out that the insulation and fire blocking has been installed correctly. When this inspection has been passed we will move onto the next stage.

Drywall Installation  In Your Northern Virginia Basement
Drywall installation  in your Northern Virginia basement remodeling project. When it comes to installing dry wall Fairfax contractor will screw the 4’x 8′ over the 2 x 4  studs. Properly installed drywall is the key to making a great basement remodeling project. Once the 1/2″ drywall has been screwed to all the basement walls we will start the finishing process of the drywall. The first step is to tape coat all of the drywall seams in your basement. Once all of the seams have been tape coated we will apply a block coat over the tape coat. The next step in finishing the drywall in your basement remodeling project is to skim and sand your drywall to a level 5 finish. For more information about Fairfax Contractor drywall process click this link. When it appears that the drywall has been properly installed, we will go over it one more time with died drywall compound to make sure there are no issues with the final project. Some light sanding may be needed and then your drywall will be ready for paint.
Installing Doors And Trim In A Basement Remodeling Job NOVA

 Trimming out a basement requires skilled finish carpenter’s to get the job done right, Now that the drywall has been installed in your basement remodeling project it’s time to trim it out. Fairfax Contractor can now install all of the baseboard, window casing, and perhaps crown molding. Typically we utilize six panel doors that will match your home. With Contractor we can successfully install all the necessary trim carpentry to perfection. Once all the doors, window casing trim, and baseboard has been installed in your basement we will caulk all the joints to produce a fully trimmed out remodeling project. For more upscale basement remodeling projects, we may install crown molding, and especially custom carpentry for the best results.

Basement Painting Contractor
Painting your remodeled basement requires skilled painters. Fairfax Contractor has experienced employees that can put the final painting of your basement to your specifications. For more information about Fairfax contractor painting click this link. Typically the ceilings of your basement will be painted with a flat white paint. Trim is typically painted with a semi gloss, or gloss paint. In the walls your basement will be painted to the color of your liking.


Areas Fairfax Contractor Remodels Basements

Fairfax Contractor remodels basements in the Northern Virginia Counties including Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Prince William County VA. We also do remodeling basement projects in the following Fairfax County cities including Alexandria, Annandale, Burke, Clifton, Centreville, Chantilly, Fairfax, Fairfax City, Fairfax Station, Falls Church, Great Falls, Herndon, Kingstown, Langley, Lake Barcroft, Lorton, McLean, Newington, North Springfield, Oakton, Oak Hill, Reston, Springfield, Sterling, Tyson’s Corner, and the Vienna, Virginia. Fairfax Contractor also is licensed to do work in Arlington County, including the cities of Arlington Forest, Ballston Crossings, Cherrydale, Claremont, Rivercrest, Westover, and Yorktown, Virginia. In Loudoun County, we install all types of home improvement projects in the cities of Ashburn, Aldie, Bristow, Dulles, Countryside, Lansdowne, Leesburg, Purcellville, Potomac Falls, South Riding, and Stone Ridge Virginia. And finally, we work in the cities of, Prince William County, including Dumfries, Dale City, Gainesville, Haymarket, Lake Manassas, Lake Ridge, Manassas, Manassas City, Manassas Park, Occoquan, Triangle, York Shire, and Woodbridge Virginia. Fairfax Contractor  works in Spotsylvania County, Virginia including  Fredericksburg Virginia