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Basement Remodeling Contractor Northern Virginia

Basement Remodeling Contractor Northern Virginia
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Fairfax Contractor Remodels Basements

Basement Remodeling In Northern Virginia is a great way to increase the value of your property and will also give your family additional living space. Fairfax Contractor is a basement remodeling contractor that provides complete packages, including designs and construction. With professional basement remodeling, you can add new living space for a new bedroom, game room, home theater, guest room, exercise room, full bathroom, office, and family rooms. Finished basements can feature kitchens, wet bars, and even saunas and steam rooms. We are your go-to basement remodeling contractor in Northern Virginia. We offer a turnkey remodeling process. Our team will handle all aspects of your project, including design, permitting, and construction. You will have a dedicated project manager that will be there to schedule the project, including materials, labor, permits, and inspections, and provide a direct line of communication with homeowners. Fairfax Contractor holds a Virginia class A contractors license and has general liability and workers comp insurance policies.

Planning Basement Remodeling

Expertly finished basement remodeling requires planning. Before construction begins there will be considerable work in preparing the design and budget to meet your needs. Fairfax Contractor will initially look at the big picture and discuss your ideas and also inspect a number of variables for your project. One of the first things we always look at is how well your basement is protected from flooding and the possibility of water or moisture intruding into your home. We will want to make sure your basement is ready for refinishing. Prior to a final layout and design of your new basement, we will need to inspect the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. An accurate budget needs to consider what it's going to take to provide enough power for additional electrical devices, heating and cooling for the new living spaces, and what modifications will need to be made for any plumbing that will be required for bathrooms, kitchens, or wet bars. When working with the designers at Fairfax Contractor you will see we have the experience to guide you through this planning process. Once we have gathered all the information we can establish a reasonable budget and remodeling plan.

Basement Remodeling Permits

As a DPOR licensed Virginia contractor, Fairfax contractor has the ability to pull all necessary permits to construct a legal basement remodeling project. Permits that will be needed include a building permit, an electrical permit, and if you’re adding a basement bathroom, a plumbing permit. Beyond this, an HVAC permit is probably going to be required to facilitate the cooling and heating of your newly remodeled basement. Fairfax contractor will obtain all the required building permits and meet with the inspectors as your project is installed.

Electrical Installation and Service Upgrades

Chances are your basement refinishing project will require some degree of electrical work. As part of our turn-key remodeling package, we will need to make sure you have enough outlets per code. As a safety measure, Northern Virginia Counties require finished basements to have tamper-resistant outlets. These outlets can be identified by the recessed letters TR on the front of the outlet. GFCI outlets are now required in all new basement remodeling improvements. We typically use a 15- to 20-ampere rated branch circuit for general purposes such as lighting and outlets. It's important that any plugged-in electrical device will not exceed 80% of the circuit rating per VA code. Electrical requirements for Northern Virginia basement remodeling also require at least one switched light which we will install in each room and hallway. Bathrooms built in your basement must have at least one outlet located on a wall adjacent to each sink and within 36” inches of the bathroom sink. As stated before bathroom outlets must have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection.

Drywall Installation and Finishing

When it comes to installing drywall Fairfax contractor will screw the 4’x 8′ sheets of drywall over the 2 x 4 studs. Properly installed drywall is the key to making a great finished basement. Once the 1/2″ drywall has been screwed to all the basement walls we will start the finishing process of the drywall. The first step is to tape coat all of the drywall seams in your basement. Once all of the seams have been tape coated we will apply a block coat over the tape coat. The next step in finishing the drywall is to skim and sand the drywall to a level 5 finish. When it appears that the drywall has been properly installed, we will go over it one more time with died drywall compound to make sure there are no issues with the final project. Some light sanding may be needed and then your drywall will be ready for primer and paint.

Trim Carpentry

A quality basement renovation is all about the details. This is so important when it comes to trimming out the doors, windows, and base moldings. Our trim carpenters understand that the trim is the icing on the cake and we will take pride in our craftsmanship so that your basement looks great.
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