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Fairfax Contractor installs Seamless Gutters in Northern Virginia

If your looking for a company that specializes in gutter replacement give us a call and we can get you a quick no obligation quote. We can replace your aging existing gutters with a new seamless gutter system, and most installations only take one day. Seamless gutters are great because they made of one solid piece of material for each run. Other types of gutters have joints and they will require regular maintenance sealing the joints. Seamless gutters are long lasting, leak resistant and require very low maintenance. Fairfax Contractor custom fabricates seamless gutters on site and can produce both 5 inch and oversized 6-inch k-style gutters, in a wide variety of colors. Our seamless gutter machine can produce any length of gutter your home needs without seams. A quality gutter system is not complete with out optional gutter covers, gutter guards, or leaf guards, that can be installed with your new rain gutters. No more clogged gutters or gutter cleaning.

Professional Installation Crews

Our installation crews are professional, neat, and very efficient in seamless gutter installation. They will also clean up after they are finished and will even haul the old gutters away to be recycled. Fairfax Contractor is a Class A Licensed contractor and we also have liability and workers compensation insurance for our employees.

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Choosing the Right Gutter & Downspout Sizes

Most homes in northern Virginia utilizes called a K-  style aluminum seamless gutter. These gutters are available in two sizes 5" and 6". A 5-inch gutter holds approximately 1.25 gallons of water per foot, whereas a 6-inch gutter holds approximately 2 gallons per foot. That's a substantial difference for only 1 additional inch! This is why we almost always recommend using the oversized 6" gutters for residential properties. There are a few installations where we can install 5 " gutters but they are typically on smaller homes with smaller roofs. The cost difference is not substantial and the larger gutters will always perform much better. Downspouts can be made in 2 sizes 2″ x 3″, and 3″ x 4″. We like to call the larger downspouts turbo downspouts. Again we almost always recommend installing the larger turbo downspouts

Fairfax Contractors Gutter Installation Process

Gutter Removal

The first installation step is to remove the existing gutters. Once the gutters are removed we can get a better look and will want to make sure there is not any damaged or rotted wood. The board behind the gutter is called the fascia board. If there is any damage we will let the homeowner know what the situation is and make a determination of what needs to be repaired before the new gutters are installed.

Examine and Repairing Fascia Boards

The good news is we can repair any damage to the fascia boards. We recommend replacing the fascia boards with a PVC product called Azek which is designed to never be painted and will be rot resistant. Another option for repairing damaged fascia boards is to cap the existing fascia boards with aluminum coil stock that will match your new gutter color.

Extruding Custom Gutter Runs

Once we are certain that the fascia boards are in good repair we will start the gutter installation. Our mobile trucks are equipped with the state-of-the-art KWM Gutterman extrusion machine. This gutter machine can fabricate both 5 inches and 6-inch seamless aluminum gutters to any length your home requires, without seams. We will then begin extruding the gutters with .032 gutter coil stock. Once the gutters have been extruded to the exact dimensions each section or run will require end caps to be installed by crimping and sealing. We will also need to prepare the gutter for the location of the downspouts and by using a drill and hole saw for every location that a downspout will be connected.

Installing the New Gutters

When installing the new gutters we will use a screwed in hidden gutter hanger. This type of fasteners that attach to the roofing trusses are the best for a clean and solid gutter installation. We don't ever recommend using a spike and ferrule to attach gutters the new technology of the hidden fasteners is just far better in every aspect. Just as important as using the best fasteners its important to install the properly install the gutters with a slight slope. At first you might think that gutters should be leveled when installing. This is infract the incorrect way to install your new gutters. Your new gutter system should be installed with a slight slope toward the downspout. So in a gutter run with two downspouts on each end the gutter should be sloped from the mid point towards the downs in either direction. This slope should only be about Having your gutters installed with the proper slope will aid in water moving at the proper volume. A slight slope or grade of approximately 2 inches for a 40-foot run is just about right Adding too much slope to the gutter installation will put too much pressure on to the downspouts, so in the opinion of Fairfax Contractor, we believe the best course of action is to put a gentle slope on your gutter installation.

Additional Services For Your New Gutter System

Fairfax contractor is not just another company that installs gutter systems. We are also a residential drainage contractor and a larger part of our company specializes in water proofing basements. One of the first things we look at with homeowners that are facing drainage problems in their yard, basements, and crawlspaces is where is all the water from the downspouts going? Depending on the grade of the lot we might recommend diverting water from the downspout through an underground drainage pipe that will divert the water away from the foundation and way from any area in the yard where water stagnates. With a simple survey of the lot our expert can design and implement the perfect solution to correct drainage problems.

Seamless Gutter Colors

Seamless gutters are available in 27 different colors.