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Wrought Iron Guardrail For Egress Walkout

Safety Walkout Guard Rails

Wrought Iron Guardrail For Egress Walkout can be custom fabricated by Fairfax Contractor. If you just built an egress walkouts system, the UBC code requires a guardrail system and a code-compliant handrail. Our wrought iron fabrication shop can custom-build guardrails and handrails for your newly constructed egress walkout. These guardrails and handrails are constructed of wrought iron that is strong enough to provide safety and code compliance. Each project that we fabricate for egress walkouts our custom made and painted in any color that matches the trim on your home. If you are a contractor or homeowner looking for a wrought iron railing shop that can quickly fabricate egress walkout guardrails and handrails, call us at 703–725– 7945  for a free estimate.

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What Is The Building Code  For A Egress Walkout Guardrail And Handrail

If you just had an egress walkout system installed in your northern Virginia home and are looking for a contractor to install wrought iron guardrails and handrails, they must be installed to code. A guardrail system, or egress walkout, has some very strict requirements, one of which is for the pickets in the guardrail system to pass a 4-inch sphere. Where the wrought iron guardrail system is installed, the lower channel cannot be larger than 6 inches from the base of the egress retaining wall.

Code Requirements For Handrails On A Egress Walkout

Your Northern Virginia egress walkout will require a handrail for safety. We can customize a wrought iron handrail in our metal shop that will meet Virginia code. The code for the handrail for egress walkout must be installed at 34 inches to 38 inches from the stair nose and closed at the top and bottom. We typically custom-build our wrought iron handrails utilizing a molded decorative cap. If you decide to utilize Fairfax Contractor to build a handrail system for your egress walkout, the 1st step will be a field measurement to ensure code compliance. After careful measurements, we will fabricate our shop your wrought iron handrail and install it on the walls of your egress walkout with specialized metal clips. Once again, your handrail will be primed and painted, providing long-term life.

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