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Outdoor Patio Kitchen Contractor Northern Virginia contractor is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor is a licensed DPOR Class A Building Contractor. We custom build and design outdoor kitchens for your patio project. When designing an outdoor kitchen, you may consider installing a built-in barbecue. This is the Center Point of any outdoor patio kitchen. Another option is installing a refrigerator and a seating area around your patio kitchen. Fairfax Contractor can incorporate these features and more in your outdoor kitchen patio project. As Virginia’s premier patio contractor will install breathtaking outdoor kitchens for your patio project.

Our outdoor kitchen patio projects include custom lighting, barbecue grills, and refrigerators to make your adult playground an exciting addition to your Northern Virginia home. Some of the most popular additions to an outdoor patio kitchen also include a sound system and even a pavilion top to keep the rain off of your outdoor kitchen. We have been building exterior patio kitchens for years, and we believe we can take your dreams of an outdoor kitchen and turn them into reality in NOVA. Look no further, we are your outdoor kitchen patio contractor.

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Design Build Outdoor Kitchen Contractor Northern Virginia

Design-build outdoor kitchen contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. So you are planning to build a patio in Northern VA, and you want to add an outdoor kitchen. We are your go-to contractor that can design all types of outdoor kitchens. These outdoor can incorporate all the features you may desire. Our design-build team will look at your budget and, most importantly needs of this outdoor patio or backyard kitchen. Generally, most outdoor patio kitchens start with a cinder block foundation that can be veneered with thin stone or brick. Many designs of outdoor kitchens in the most basic form include a built-in gas barbecue grill. A gas-built-in barbecue grill can be installed with natural gas or propane.

For more information on the best brands of outdoor gas, grills click this link. Fairfax Contractor believes the most important outdoor kitchen component is a barbecue grill. When deciding what type of built-in barbecue grill you want, there are two options. The first option for a barbecue for your patio is a propane grill, and the second is to install a natural gas patio barbecue grill. The most economical design would be to utilize a propane barbecue grill because it is not required a building permit. If you want to upgrade to a natural gas patio barbecue grill, we will have to pull the necessary plumbing permits and have this section of your outdoor kitchen inspected by your local Northern VA county inspector. Adding an outdoor refrigerator is a nice option for any outdoor kitchen. 

Once you have developed a plan with our expert designers, we can install the most simplistic or top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen for your patio. Another popular option for an outdoor patio kitchen is the refrigerator. This will require an electrical permit to run the power for the refrigerator. Also, electrical outlets are fantastic for a perfect outdoor kitchen. Other great designs for an exciting outdoor kitchen may include an ice maker.

Counter Tops For A Patio Kitchen

Countertops for a patio kitchen can include custom flagstone from Pennsylvania or marble or granite. The economical choice for your countertops on your outdoor patio kitchen is premium flagstone. But if you truly want to upgrade your counter’s top for your exterior patio project, granite and marble make a great choice. The first is a 36-inch patio kitchen with the very basics of a barbecue stove. The second variant is a two-tiered outdoor patio kitchen that has a cooking area size that is 36 inches and then includes a bar area that is 42 inches. The 42 inches of the secondary part of your outdoor kitchen allows you to be away from the actual cooking area yet conversing while the master barbecue chef does his magic.

We can utilize premium Pennsylvania flagstone for your exterior patio countertops, it should be sealed. Pennsylvania flagstone is utilized as a countertop that is porous and certainly needs to be sealed. But if you want to make a truly breathtaking exterior outdoor patio kitchen, granite or marble is the state-of-the-art answer to a truly amazing outdoor kitchen. It boils down to your budget and how far you go with building a value-added exterior patio countertop.

Options For A Outdoor Patio Kitchen

Other options for an outdoor patio kitchen in Northern Virginia may include an ice maker. It is important to locate your patio kitchen near your home. That makes it much easier to prepare meals and bring them into the kitchen. When designing your kitchen, it’s so important to take into consideration what I call the must-have and may include a patio dining table and a lounge area that might be your patio kitchen. And probably most importantly, music and lighting. This will set your outdoor kitchen options to the next level. Fairfax Contractor options for your exterior patio kitchen might include a wine cooler. If you’re a connoisseur, we can install a wine cabinet in your patio kitchen project.

An outdoor kitchen is often used in summer, spring, and fall. When the temperatures drop in Northern Virginia, perhaps a propane heater would work well in your patio kitchen project area. And if you want to go all the way to make a perfect exterior patio kitchen, we recommend installing such features as the exterior pizza oven, sink, or even a  beer Tap. At the end of the day, a pavilion over your patio kitchen will top off this extension to your house to the next level. Then you can install exterior televisions and bar stools and have this state-of-the-art outdoor cooking facility that will make you the talk of the town.