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Mobile Wrought Iron Railing Repair

Fairfax Contractor Wrought Iron Railing Repair is your go-to source for unsafe, rusted, handrails. I will tell you, that many of our customers have either a cast or leg brace from a fall from a faulty wrought iron safety rail that failed. It is very difficult to find a contractor in Northern Virginia that will quickly come out and repair faulty wrought iron staircase railing, or handrail systems. You can call and look for a contractor or welding company that will fix your broken railing, few will return your calls. But if you're looking for quick, confident, licensed, insured, mobile welding services you have found your answer. Our prices for repairing failing wrought iron railing are unbeatable. Yes, most homeowners in Northern Virginia have some sort of wrought iron railing system that provides safety from slips and falls. Over time your wrought iron tubing typically starts to rust out where it is invented into your concrete stoop or staircase. Once rusting of your wrought iron rails has occurred, it is just time for an accident may happen. So what should you do if your home's wrought iron railing has become loose and dangerous? For many, the answer may be to simply remove your existing guard and handrail system and have a welding contractor fabricate you with a new set of wrought iron guardrails. Here at Northern Virginia contractor, we have an economic system that will restore your wrought iron railings to the original condition without the expense of replacement. Concrete by its nature wicks water and that is why your wrought iron rails typically rust out where they are embedded into the concrete. As a class A Virginia contractor, Fairfax Contractor can come to your home, with our mobile crew, and repair your rusted wrought iron rails at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Not only can we repair your wrought iron rails we can also refresh them with a fresh coat of paint. Servicing all of Northern Virginia we are one of the few companies that can quickly repair and paint your failing wrought iron rails system.

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How We Repair Your Rusted Wrought Iron Rails

The first step in the Fairfax Contractor system is to completely remove your rusted handrail/guardrails from your stoop, stairs, egress walkout, or even your retaining wall. The next step is to remove the rusted, broken-off wrought iron tubing from the concrete, along with the anchoring cement, leaving the original inch and a half core drilled hole. After removal of your wrought iron railing system, we will utilize a band saw to remove the rusted 1-inch tubing to the point where the rust stops. Then our welders will weld on new wrought iron rail support tubes to your existing railing. Once the new wrought iron railing tubes have been properly welded to your existing railing, the welds will be mechanically ground out, and the new tubing will be cleaned with trisodium phosphate. Trisodium phosphate will completely clean off any oil or residue on the new wrought iron tubing. After your wrought iron extensions have been completely cleaned. After your wrought iron rails have been primed, we will carefully paint them with 2 coats of rust-resistant paint. After the paint is completely dried we will reinstall your wrought iron rails into their original configuration. After double-checking the height and plum of your railing system, they will be ready to be cemented into place with anchoring cement. Mixing anchoring cement, we will pour that into the cavity of your previous bored-out holes. It’s important when installing wrought iron rails that anchoring cement is utilized, this specialized Portland product actually expands as it cures. This expansion of the anchoring cement will assure you of a strong bond between your repaired wrought iron and concrete. This is one of the few welding companies that can repair your current failing wrought iron rail system for less than you might think. Give us a call for a free estimate, our work is guaranteed, and you will not have to go through the costly experience of replacing your rails. It only makes sense for the safety of your home, to repair dangerous rusted handrail systems.

Mobile Wrought Iron Repair Service

In addition to fixing rusted wrought iron tubing, we can also re-weld any loose components of your guardrail system. You may even want to add a code-compliant, handrail to your guardrail going down your stairs. Current codes require a closed top and bottom on handrails that are set at 34 inches to 38 inches from the stair nose to the top of your handrail. In addition, we can grind out any rusted spots on your existing wrought iron railing, and prime and paint those areas so they do not become completely rusted. All work is guaranteed and performed by competent welding professionals. In addition, we can repair wrought iron fencing, gates, and burglar bars. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate. We perform our wrought iron railing repair residential in Northern Virginia, and commercially for your condominium association, commercial building, or place of business. If your wrought iron rails have additional problems such as rusted, pickets, or molded caps we can repair those too. 

Refurbishing And Painting Your Wrought Iron Rails

Many northern Virginia homeowners want their wrought iron rails completely restored. We can remove your wrought iron rails and bring them back to our fabrication shop, removing the old paint. Often times we refurbish and paint your railing on site. Fairfax Contractor will use an angle grinder with a steel brush to remove to get rid of all the rust, and old flaking layers of paint. This step is important because the new paint won’t bond with the existing paint. We can’t protect the metal unless the railings are cleaned of loose rust and un-sound paint.  Once the old paint is removed through a chemical and grinding process your rails will be ready to be painted. Our craftsmen will then prime and paint the rails to give them a new look. For the best results, we use a direct to metal (DTM) paint that contains rust inhibiting ingredients. Using ordinary exterior paint will lead to chipping. This option of repairing rails is much more cost-effective than constructing new wrought iron rails, gates, or fencing. It is hard to find a licensed contractor that can perform a wrought iron repair in Northern Virginia.

Masonry Repair And Wrought Iron Repair

Along with repairing rusted wrought iron railing, we can also do repairs for cracked concrete, brick, or flagstone. Often times are just not enough to reinstall rusted wrought iron railing.  Sometimes the brick, concrete, or flagstone, surrounding your problem railing system needs to be repaired too. Not only are we a competent wrought-iron railing repair company. Fairfax Contractor can also handle any type of masonry repairs to your steps or stoop may require. There are probably no companies in Northern Virginia that can handle cracked brick or flagstone, and re-weld rusted wrought iron, at the same time. We are experts in matching mortar colors, brick, and stone to refurbish a stoop or staircase that's in disrepair. Call us today, for a free estimate at 703-725-7945. Fairfax Contractor is not your typical NOVA railing contractor, we are a white hat contractor that has Workmen's Comp. insurance, on our employee's general liability, and a DPOR class A general contractor. Our Virginia contractors license is endorsed with an (RBC) residential building contractor and a (CBC) commercial building contractors license. This is important if your Wrought iron railing repair is done on a commercial property. To legally work on a commercial property you need the proper licensing which Fairfax Contractor has.

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