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Concrete foundation contractor  Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Pouring a concrete foundation for new home construction or addition is a complete foundation service. Fairfax Contractor has the required licensing (class A RBC, CBC), insurance, and years of knowledge. We have the forms and equipment to perform this basic task to build a home or addition poured a concrete foundation. To build a concrete foundation a contractor needs to process the equipment to excavate the foundation and remove the dirt. Poured concrete basements are probably the most common method in Northern Virginia.

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Concrete Poured Concrete Foundation For Basements

When building a basement foundation for a new home, our basement Fairfax Contractor will have to excavate the dirt to the plans. This task will require excavation equipment and dump trucks to remove the dirt. Then the excavation has been complemented we will install the engineered rebar to be inspected by the Northern Virginia building inspectors. When the footing and rebar have passed the inspection, we will move to the next step. The next step after inspection if to form up the foundation walls.

Extras for Your Poured Concrete Foundation

Often times our customers would like to install the code compliant egress window or walk out stair system with retaining walls. Of course, we will handle all waterproofing of your poured concrete walls, and complete final grading for your home. Your big question is how much does a concrete foundation cost in Northern Virginia? There is no easy answer, but to get a free estimate which hill give the exact cost of your project.

Foundation Services We Provide

Fairfax contractor handles all the administration of the permitting, and concrete testing. One of the first steps in building your concrete foundation in Northern Virginia is to call Miss Utilities. As required we can construct all types of barricades and fencing. When needed we can undercut all unsuitable materials, and perform dewatering of ground water.  We often times work with 3rd party inspections. We will lay out the concrete poured foundation per your plans. Or services include rock extraction (for an additional cost), and removal of contaminated soil. Fairfax Contractor is one of the best under pinning contractors in Northern Virginia. We have all the needed equipment to build a concrete poured foundation. We can excavate, haul and dispose of backfill. Our site work includes concrete pumping; caulking control joints, building interior and exterior wall drain systems. Fairfax contractor utilizes both smooth and brick embossed forming systems. When the foundation rebar for the walls and foundation are inspected we will setup the forms. The next step is to prepare the basement floor with #57 gravel, vapor barrier, and welded wire. When the basement floor has been inspected we will pour 4 inches of concrete with a machine finish. The final step is to install backfill and grading for your Northern Virginia poured concrete foundation.

Fairfax Contractor can build a slab on grade foundation for new home construction, addition, or a garage for your home.

Like most foundations, the slab starts with concrete footers poured 24 inches below the finish grade. The first step is to excavate the footers to 24” inches deep Then in the footer we will install two sections of a # 4 rebar. Once the footer has been dug, and the rebar is in place. We will add 4 inches of #57 gravel that will be tamped down. A 5 mil vapor barrier. Foundation insulation and welded wire reinforcing need to be installed for inspection. When we have a reported slab inspection, we will for a 3000 psi concrete slab with a machine or troul finish.