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Replacement Window Contractor In Northern Virginia is Fairfax contractor. We can offer the consumer a incredible energy efficient replacement windows at an affordable price. We offer  professionally installed replacement windows. Fairfax Contractor has been a local leading replacement window contractor in  Northern Virginia area for years. We carry some of the top name brand windows that we can be custom build to fit your homes existing window openings. Or installation process is fast, efficient, and professional. Fairfax Contractor is local an insured replacement window company. We have a Virginia DPOR class A contractor’s License, but more importantly with an (RBC) endorsement. Fairfax Contractor is also insured for your protection. As a local company, Fairfax Contractor guarantees are some of the best in the window replacement industry. Our prices are competitive and we offer free estimates. Unlike many window contractors in the Northern Virginia area, Fairfax Contractor is also a general contractor, which allow us to perform a wide range of masonry, and carpentry custom installations for unique window projects. For example, we can cut into your homes exterior brick wall and install a new window. As a consumer in Virginia, recognize there are many legitimate window companies, but very few great window companies. To be a great window company, you need to be able to do many things other than remove and replace old windows. Fairfax Contractor as a window company and contractor can perform projects that most replacement window companies don’t have the expertise or personnel to perform. Fairfax Contractor can cut brick, siding, or stone on your home install the proper code compliant header and install all windows where none exists at present. We can order all the different types of windows you may need for your home, including custom vinyl bow, bay, slider, double-hung, casement, and hopper windows. We install both thermal vinyl replacement windows and custom wood windows with exterior aluminum cladding. Buying replacement windows for your home is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to try to lower your heating and cooling costs. Additional benefits of replacing your Windows include low maintenance, a more comfortable home, and the added benefit of increased home value.

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Replacement Windows We Install

If you are thinking of window replacement in your home you need to find the right company to that is an expert in window replacement. Fairfax Contractor is one of the best window replacement contractors in Northern Virginia. One of the most common reasons is energy efficiency, many homes in northern Virginia that were built prior to 1985 have poorly insulated windows. A second reason Windows are often replaced as to do with their appearance, deterioration or maintenance issues. A Third motivation to replace your windows is home temperature comfort. There’s nothing worse than having drafty windows in the winter and never being able to keep your home properly heated Once you have determined the reasons you want to replace your windows, you will next want to set a budget for the project. You need to factor into your decision the quality of the product, energy savings, professional installation, and warranties. The number of windows to be replaced will also play a big part in determining the most economical style. Fortunately, vinyl replacement windows not only satisfies almost all the reasons you may have for making a change but also offers a wide range of prices to suit anyone’s budget and style.

Vinyl Max Replacement Windows

Fairfax Contractor is proud to provide direct sales and installation of Vinylmax windows. Over the years our customers have been pleased with the quality and affordability that Vinylmax windows offer. When choosing a replacement window for your home you will want to have windows that are specially designed for replacement installations. Vinylmax windows come in two distinct categories those for new construction and those for replacement installs. For the best installation of a replacement window, we always recommend having the windows measured and then having them manufactured for the size and style of each window. Vinylmax has many styles available including; double-hung, slider, picture, casement, awning, bays 7 bows, patio doors, and single hung window styles. They also produce 12 different product lines.

Simonton Replacement Windows

Simonton Window Contractor Northern Virginia offers many options. Simonton windows offer many options, such as grids, Low-E glass, and argon. Simonton Window company can manufacture a wide range of window styles. The most popular style of Simonton window in Northern Virginia is the double-hung. Simonton Windows® offers an assortment of optional glass packages that merge the most effective features and advanced designs. These optional glass packages get truly remarkable year-round thermal functioning and of course energy savings. Other options for Simonton window grid styles include flat white and sculptured white.

Custom Wood Replacement Windows

Many homeowners in Northern Virginia would like to have their existing Windows replaced with a custom-built wood replacement window. There are many options when it comes to having a custom-built replacement window that is built of wood. The name brands for wood replacement Windows are many. But the problem is most name-brand wood replacement windows are designed for new home construction. Pella Windows and Anderson’s window lines are standard-size windows and probably require a lot of construction work to retrofit these Windows in the openings of your existing home. Fairfax contractor offers custom-built wood Windows that do not require modification or trim changes yet allowed a state-of-the-art custom-built wood replacement window system. Ply Gem Windows offers an affordable wood alternative to thermal vinyl replacement Windows.

What Makes An Energy Efficient Replacement Window Perform

Energy Star is a program set up by the Environmental Protection Agency to help individuals save money on their homes heating and cooling costs. When replacing your Windows you should make sure that the brand you choose is Energy Star approval. The U-factor or U-value tells you how quickly heat can escape through your windows. Your new vinyl, fiberglass, or wood replacement windows will be more energy efficient especially if you are switching from single pane to dual pane windows. In choosing energy efficient window, it helps to have a little knowledge about how they are rated Most replacement windows have a U-factor between 0.20 and 1.20. A lower number is the more efficient window. The R-value measures how well a window performs as an insulator. The higher R-value means better insulation. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) number indicates the windows capability to heat from the sun. The range is from 0 to 1.0 with 0 being the best The Visible Transmittance (VT) measures the amount of light that can get in. The higher the number, the more light you will see Air Leakage (AL) rating tells you how much air leaks through the windows in your home. A lower number always is better. Energy efficient windows will save families as much as a 30% on their energy bill. And added green bonus is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. All of Fairfax Contractor thermal replacement windows meet or exceed Energy Star standards. All the top brands, such as Anderson, Ply Gem, Jeld Wen, Marvin, Simonton Impressions, and Pella replacement Windows to be installed by Fairfax Contractor.