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Epoxy Injection Cracked Basement Wall Repair

Epoxy Injection for Cracked Basement Walls in Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Epoxy injection is the best way to repair a crack in your poured concrete basement foundation wall. If your Northern Virginia home’s basement wall has experienced a crack from inferior concrete, hydrostatic pressure, or earthquake damage, the only way to correct the problem is to utilize epoxy injection. Perhaps the earthquake that hit Northern Virginia in April 2011 may have cracked your poured concrete basement foundation, or your contractor utilized a bad batch of concrete when pouring your basement foundation. There are many reasons that you may have vertical or horizontal cracks in your poured concrete basement walls. Fairfax Contractor has a time-tested method to repair using epoxy injection to repair the cracks in your foundation walls. A cracked basement foundation wall is a serious problem because its open crack can allow water to infiltrate into your basement, causing a variety of problems. Fairfax Contractor can fix basement water leaks caused by cracked poured concrete foundation basement walls. These problems include drywall damage, toxic mold, and potential foundation failure. Inquire if your Northern Virginia basement is flooding because a cracked concrete basement wall in your home is causing this problem.  For a free evaluation of a poured concrete basement or crawl space wall that has cracked, call 703-725-7945.

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Advantages Of Epoxy Injection In Northern Virginia

Many homeowners will notice cracks in their basement poured concrete foundation walls and attempt to patch these cracks with hydraulic cement, or simply try to caulk the crack. Caulking and repairing with hydraulic cement a cracked poured concrete wall, simply just will not work. Utilizing high strength epoxy will bond the crack in your concrete foundation wall permanently. Typical poured concrete walls have 3000 psi strength. By utilizing epoxy designed to repair cracks in foundation walls Fairfax Contractor uses injected epoxy that approaches over 14,000 psi. This means the actual crack in your basement wall will be stronger than the original concrete used to construct your home. Taking into the consideration the freeze-thaw cycles we experience in Northern Virginia epoxy injection truly is a superior fix because it has the ability to actually become stronger than the original concrete pour. The type of epoxy we utilize in our epoxy injection process allows the epoxy to flow through the entire crack, ensuring that the wall will not leak. The typical curing time on foundation epoxy is approximately four hours, meaning that in a short amount of time your foundation wall will be permanently repaired. If you’re considering remodeling your basement, you should make sure that is dry, and the foundation is stable. The best result is when a properly epoxy injected crack has been repaired. Fairfax Contractor has been noted as Virginias expert in completing the best epoxy injection repairs. Utilizing epoxy injection techniques  is the best way to keep the water out of your basement. The other advantages in utilizing epoxy injection in foundation cracks are it keeps out harmful soil gases, such as radon from entering your basement. Our experienced team will give a healthy basement environment free of mold, and lessen the infiltration of radon.

Repairing Foundation With Epoxy Injection

Poured concrete foundation basement walls that are cracked can be repaired by utilizing a process called epoxy injection. Fairfax Contractor has been utilizing epoxy injection successfully for years, to repair cracked basement and crawl space concrete foundations. The first step in epoxy concrete crack repair is covering the crack with an epoxy paste and installs surface injection ports. By installing the epoxy paste and port system will allow us to inject an epoxy mixture into your foundation crack. The epoxy that is used is stronger than concrete in your walls This process virtually glues the crack in your basement foundation together. Surface ports are used to inject the epoxy into your cracked concrete basement foundation wall. Foundation epoxy is a two-part mixture of resins and hardeners that have a much higher PSI than the concrete walls of your home. Foundation epoxy had the viscosity of motor oil, which allows it to permeate the entire crack. Starting at the bottom port epoxy is injected into the concrete working up the joint from the bottom to the top. This process allows for a complete saturation of the epoxy into the cracked foundation wall. Once the process is finished, the covering and injection ports are removed leaving a simple gray joint that is stronger than the original poured concrete. The final epoxy injection will keep water from infiltrating into your basement forever.

Commercial Epoxy Injection Repair Contractor

Fairfax contractor can also repair commercial cracked concrete and other structures for more information For more information about repairing your basement foundation, walls returned to our main page by clicking here. Commercial Epoxy Injection Northern Virginia.

Epoxy Injection Exterior Foundation Walls 

If your basement is finished, and you know that your concrete wall has been cracked, Fairfax contractor also does exterior epoxy injections. Fixing a cracked poured foundation concrete wall from the exterior will save you money if your basement is finished because we will not have to cut the drywall to get to the crack. The first step in performing an exterior epoxy injection is to call miss utilities of Virginia to make sure that there are no utility lines in the area to be excavated. Once we have a clear take from miss utilities we will excavate the site of your crack or cracks to the depth of where the crack ends. Oftentimes your crack will extend all the way to the base of your concrete foundation wall. Once we have excavated to the appropriate depth. It is important that the foundation wall is thoroughly cleaned. We will take and mix the epoxy filler and install the epoxy injection ports with the epoxy paste filler. Once the epoxy has hardened we will start injecting the two-part liquid epoxy into the lowest port. Once the epoxy starts to come out from the port above, we will remove the application tube, close the injection port, and repeat the process by moving to the next highest port. Once we are sure that the entire concrete foundation wall has been successfully injected we will backfill the area. If the crack in your foundation wall extends above the grade surface, we will remove the ports and patch with hydraulic cement and paint with matching foundation paint. This is a sure bet that we will stop any water infiltration and your basement.

Can An Epoxy Injection Be Installed When The Wall Is Wet

It is difficult to install an epoxy injection is your basement wall if it is wet or has flowing water. There are specialized epoxy’s that are designed to set in a wet foundation crack. One such product is Crack-Pac injection epoxy. Crack-Pac is designed to inject cracks in ranging from 1/8" to 1/4" wide. The mixed adhesive has the viscosity of oil and has very a low surface tension. Crack-Pac can penetrate fine to medium-width cracks in dry, damp or wet conditions with excellent results.

Epoxy Injection  For Cracked Concrete Basement Slabs

You may need Epoxy Injections to solve cracked concrete basement slabs, or in your concrete garage.  A basement cracked slab can lead to waterproofing issues, Sealing cracks in your basement  or  garage with a epoxy injection might be the best solution.  

Polyurethane Foam Injection Vertices  Epoxy Injection

If your Northern Virginia’s poured foundation wall has a crack what is the best method to repair this problem? Some contractors might recommend repair is using a Polyurethane foam The main reason many contractors use Polyurethane foam injection to fix a cracked concrete is it is easy to install. Also more economical than an epoxy injection. These contractors that advise using Polyurethane foam injection know that this product will seal a wet leaking basement wall. Using a Polyurethane foam injection to repair your Northern Virginia’s cracked concrete wall is unquestionably the worst course of action. Polyurethane foam injections will not fix structural repairs of cracks in poured concrete. Though it is difficult to repair a wet cracked foundation wall with epoxy, there is water resistant epoxy for damp concrete. The problem using water-resistant epoxy is not the fact that the product will set in moist basement walls. The epoxy injection process utilizes the A-B epoxy paste to seal the crack so we can install the ports to do the injection. A-B paste just will not set up in wet conditions. The high strength weld you will get from a provisionally installed epoxy injection is much stronger than the concrete your basement foundation was poured.

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