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Bilco Door Contractor Northern Virginia

Bilco Door Contractor Northern Virginia

Bilco Door Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor is Northern Virginia’s premiere Bilco door contractor We are a Bilco. If you are looking to replace or repair your rusted, leaking, or outdated Bilco door, we are the contractor that you are looking for. Fairfax Contractor offers installation of new Bilco doors and refurbishment of your existing Bilco metal door. As a licensed class A contractor we also install the latest products produced by Bilco for over 100 years. Bilco doors meet IRC 2018 building code requirements for emergency egress in finished basements in Northern Virginia. These Bilco doors feature a tuff weather resistant construction. Bilco Classic Series steel basement doors are now available with a factory applied powder coat finishes that come in a wide range of colors. These door come in many sizes to fit a range of egress walkout basement door hatches. Bilco Classic Series steel hatch basement doors are available with a factory-applied polyester powder coat finish.

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Ultra Series Bilco Walkout Basement Door

Ultra Series Bilco doors provide safe and Virginia code-compliant basement access, weather-tight functioning, and easy operation. These Bilco doors have virtually no maintenance required. The Ultra Series door will never rust, rot, or need painting, making them stand the test of time. Bilco simulated wood embossment will match the exterior of any Northern Virginia home. The interchangeable side panel inserts let the system easily add light and or ventilation to any basement walkout.

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Before - Old Basement Door

Bilco door before northern Virginia

After - New Bilco Door

bilco door finished northern Virginia-

Fairfax Contractor Replaced an old Bilco door Bilco Door. This is the condition of the Bilco door when we started. The first step in this project is to remove the rusted old Bilco hatch door. This is an easy operation, simply getting away from any sealants, and removing the bolts. Bilco Doors
are quite heavy, and require the necessary team to move the old door to one of the trucks for disposal. We will inspect the masonry condition of where the Bilco door is to be installed. Power washing, and replacing bricks can be done at this time. There is more information on this website read below. Fairfax Contractor will strictly adhere to the no go Bilco door installation guidelines. This assures that your new Bilco door has been installed correctly, and better yet, that all warranties will be validated. The process is quite simple to install your hatch style Bilco door, in our time-tested procedure. Squaring, in setting the egress hatch door is key, for a quality installation. When your egress door is properly placed we will bolt it into place according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Another Pro tip we offer is to make sure that quality sealants are used to waterproof and finalize the installation.

Bilco Hatch Door Lock System

Fairfax Contractor offers different locksets to match your Bilco hatch door. This ensures added security to your home in Northern Virginia. Bilco Locksets are designed to work specifically with Bilco Doors. When ordering a Bilco Door Fairfax Contractor can add an incredible locking system to secure your Northern Virginia home. Having the convenience of locking and unlocking your Classic Series BILCO basement door from the outside with a basement door lock kit should put your mind at ease. Install a BILCO keyed entry lock and save the trip into the basement to lock or unlock the door.

Bilco Hatch Door Color Chart

Bilco hatch door color chart. All of the colors that Bilco basement egress doors are displayed here for your information. The colors Bilco door offers is white, sandstone, grey,brick. black, and green. Take your old egress hatch door and design it it your choice of colors.Color, and architectural appeal to your house. If you do not like the colors that are offered for your powder coated ingress Bilco doors we can finish it with the custom color of your choice.

Bilco Doors Solve Problems

Beyond just looking for a contractor to replace a worn Bilco door Fairfax Contractor can also replace the stair system that leads to your basement. Over time with your leaking Bilco door, many homeowners know that the stairs have also deteriorated. We have a team of carpenters that can put in code compliant replacement stair treads leading here basement. If your egress walk out retaining walls are starting to fail we can reinforce the cinder block with rebar and concrete. Another problem associated with Bilco doors is the fact that many of the retaining walls that support the entry in your basement have deteriorated. As Master masons not only can, we replace or repair failing basement walkout retaining walls. In some cases, the walls themselves have not deteriorated, but the brick cap on your Bilco door have been failing . As master masons we can match up the brick, and reinstall a new brick cap for your basement walkout. If your Bilco door egress walls are starting to deflect, we can pull the necessary permits and rebuild or replace the retaining walls that lead to your basement.

Bilco Door Repair and Refurbish

A good solid steel Bilco door might not need to be replaced. Fairfax Contractor has the ability to remove your existing Bilco door and make it better than new. Our process to refurbish your existing Bilco door is to first remove your Bilco door from the walkout area. During this process we will cover your opening so that it does not flood. After covering the opening we will completely sandblast all paint and rust off at our shop located in Manassas, VA. Utilizing powder coating we can produce a finish on your Bilco door that will last for many many years. Powder coating is not painting the door. Powder coating is applied by utilizing tiger powder and is a state of the art polymer. The wide range of colors can be applied to your Bilco door. Fairfax Contractor highly recommends powder coating for your Bilco door to create a hard finish that is far stronger than conventional paint. For more information on powder coating click this link. Once your Bilco doors have been sandblasted and powder coated we reinstall your Bilco doors over your egress walkout.