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Fixing Unpermitted Construction Work Northern Virginia

unpermitted construction work Northern VirginiaFixing unpermitted construction work in Northern Virginia is one of Fairfax Contractor’s specialties. The problem usually starts when you are selling or buying a house and find that there is unpermitted construction work on that home. You will probably find out that there is a problem when you have a home inspection, and the inspector tells you that there is unpermitted work on your Northern Virginia home. How in the world are you going to unwind this problem? Fairfax Contractor is an expert in fixing unpermitted construction work to make the work legal. Unpermitted construction work will hold up the sale of your home. It’s important to hire a licensed VA contractor that knows how to correct unpermitted construction work. Though many licensed contractors in Northern Virginia have a thorough understanding of unpermitted construction work, unpermitted construction work can be a very complicated process. At Fairfax Contractor, we have qualified licensed home improvement contractors to fix unpermitted construction work quickly and efficiently. Unpermitted construction is a problem that may also make it extremely difficult to get financing on your home or to get insurance for your Northern Virginia property on how to correct unpermitted construction work. If you are a real estate profeIf you are interested in a short sale on your home, you may want to consider fixing any unpermitted construction work that has been done on the home. For more information on short-sale homes in northern Virginia, homes check this link

If Your home is about to close on a sale and unexpectedly a report comes back that there are unpermitted projects on your home. If you are running into a problem, call us at 703-725-7945 for a quick fix on any unpermitted work.

How Do We Fix Unpermitted Construction Work In Northern Virginia?

How do we fix unpermitted construction work in Northern Virginia? Fairfax Contractor will start the process of fixing unpermitted projects by going to the local County where your home is located. We will first research if a permit was ever pulled to start the construction process. If a permit was pulled but never finalized, it makes fixing much easier. If there was a building permit pulled for the project, then the codes will revert to the time that the original permit was pulled. Frequently contractors fail to get a final inspection on various types of projects. If this is the case, then we simply need to call the county out to finalize the project. Thus, it becomes a legal construction project. If there was never a permit pulled for the unpermitted work, all work must meet the current Virginia IBC 2021 edition code. This can be very problematic because the building code changes, then some of or all of the work that has been done on your home needs to be brought up to current codes. As far the Northern Virginia Counties building divisions consider unpermitted work illegal. This means that if you bought a house and the previous homeowner never pulled a permit for any project on that home, it becomes your problem. No one would probably buy your home if it had unpermitted work performed because, factually, it does not exist. If you have unpermitted work that has been done on your home, we can go in and pull a new permit and work with the local building officials to go through the process of correcting the work that has been done on your home. Frequently we need to utilize licensed civil engineers on a 3rd party inspection process to verify that the construction work was done correctly. This scenario would be an easy fix if all of the work conforms to current codes. After the engineer writes his reports and submits them to the county often, we can then call in and have the county finalize the building permit that Fairfax Contractor pulled. 3rd party inspectors can never finalize a building project; it must always be done through the county after the engineer has analyzed the building technique, plans, and remediation done to the unpermitted work. The worst-case scenario is that an unpermitted project at your home never had a building permit pulled, and the structure fails all current building codes. In this case, unpermitted unlicensed uneducated, unprofessional unqualified unregistered unapproved unverified, unverifiable unidentifiable work has left outstanding open issues that cannot be resolved. Unpermitted work must be taken seriously because it can leave your home in shambles if repaired incorrectly.

Don’t risk the safety of your family; call Fairfax Contract all the work that has been done on your home is deemed illegal and must be demolished and rebuilt. Rebuilding the project may not be financially feasible, and a better option would simply be to demolish what has been done so that you can sell your house. The building official is empowered to issue a written notice of violation if violations continue. The person who incurred the infraction may also receive one. In some cases, all three citations at once – this will depend on how many people were involved with improper conduct that did not follow proper procedures or code set standards. Notice of unpermitted construction is a violation of Virginia law. You, the homeowner, can be criminally charged. The Building Official shall issue a written notice of violation to the homeowner if any violations of this code or any directives or orders of the building official have not been corrected or complied with within a reasonable time. If the violations, directives, or orders involve work without a permit, the notice of violation shall be issued to the responsible party, and that would be you.

Types Of Unpermitted Construction Work Northern Virginia

Types of unpermitted construction work Northern Virginia Fairfax Contractor encounters include unpermitted decks, additions, finished basements, retaining walls, electrical work, and plumbing work. The worst of unpermitted construction work is anything electrical. Without the proper electrical permits, unpermitted electrical work could cause a fire. If a fire occurred in your house and it was not permitted, your insurance company would not payout for the damages. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that all of the panels, outlets, and wiring that may have been installed in your home are permitted. Fairfax Contractor is not a licensed electrician. We have subcontractors that are master electricians that can fix unpermitted electrical work. Our go-to electrical contractor in Northern Virginia is LQ Quality Contracting. This Virginia master electrician can fix any electrical issues in your home; for more information on this electrician, check out their website www.electriciannorthernvirginia.com
We have in-house carpenters, plumbers, and tradesmen to bring all your Northern Virginia home’s unpermitted work up to par. Once everything has been corrected, you can easily sell your home. With a staff of in-house carpenters, drywall experts, superintendents, and a strong in-house permitting system, we can fix your unpermitted construction problem quickly.

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