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A wooden deck offering a serene view of lush green trees, creating a tranquil outdoor retreat connected with the vibrancy of nature.

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Northern Virginia deck contractor is Fairfax Contractor. We are one of the best deck builders in Northern Virginia. Our company is an expert in building custom decks to local building codes in Northern Virginia. You may have a deck that is starting to fail and need to be replaced, or you don’t have a deck in your house, and you need a new one. So how do you find a reputable contractor in Northern Virginia to build your deck? First, hire only a licensed contractor; Fairfax Contractor holds has a Virginia DPOR-issued license. Look for a company that has outstanding warranties and guarantees. We offer a full five-year warranty on all labor related to your deck and the manufacturer’s warranty on all of the material used to construct your deck. We are a design-build deck company that can take your dreams and turns them into reality. Fairfax Contractor Fairfax Contractor has over 44 years of experience installing various deck projects. As a deck builder in Northern Virginia, we offer some of the best contractors’ advice. Fairfax Contractor deck jobs include replacing old decks, building new decks, and bringing un-permitted decks up to local building codes. As a deck contractor in VA, we have experience building code-compliant decks in all areas and counties of Northern Virginia. We offer free design consultation, estimate, and finally, a professionally written proposal. For a free estimate, call us at 703–725-7945 to get all the information you need to make an intelligent decision on your deck project.

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Plans For Your New Deck


arlington deck contractors vaWhen a professional deck designer arrives at your home from Fairfax Contractor, the first thing they will try to establish is your wish list. A wish list includes such things as deck size, location, materials you may have in mind, options you may want, and perhaps your overall budget to accomplish your new deck. The designer will take all of your planning and thoughts and go to work on creating a deck that fits all of the items on your wish list. You probably have never designed a deck in your life, and that’s why it’s so important to call on a professional that can help you design what you desire. Our designers are used to communicating with the client to pull out the information needed to create the deck of your dreams. Once all of the parameters have been met for the location, size, and budget for your new deck, they can then start putting together the options and the materials that will be used to construct your deck. Once all this information has been gathered, our designers will create a mock-up sketch of all deck details. These deck details can then be rendered into a proposed plan. Once this plan has been established, you agree that these are the options and the overall look and size of the deck you desire. Then we can write out a proposal that will detail all of the specifications, size, material to be used, and options for your deck remodeling project. This proposal will be written in a way that uses plain English to describe the scope of work, it is very important that both parties had a clear understanding of the time frame start the deck project, completion time, and any other factors that you should know about. Full disclosure will be made in writing so that there are no misunderstandings. This proposal will be paired with the approved set of plans, giving you a crystal-clear concept of what is being proposed to be built. If you decide to have our company proceed with the project, we will draw out a clear contract that will spell out all the terms and conditions of the project, including payment schedules, work hours, and where the material is to be placed in your home. When we start the job, we will host a pre-construction meeting to go over the details of the plans and contract with the workers, supervisor, and homeowners so that all parties are in agreement.

Getting The Permit For Your Deck

It is important to note that the contractor should always pull the permit to build your deck in Northern Virginia. Fairfax County has the licenses to pull your deck permit so we will be responsible for its code compliance. To get a deck permit in Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County, or Prince William County, we will need to either submit plans or sign a County deck detail affidavit to obtain a permit. In Northern Virginia Counties, a simple application is required unless the deck extends from the house over 16 feet. At this point, your new deck will require an approved set of plans. Other issues may require a new set of plans, including installing a hot tub on your deck, a pergola, or latticework. The composite deck products need to be installed in the correct installation process based on the Virginia codes.

The look of decks with a herringbone pattern must be reversed between the two sides, or one side will appear to be a different color from the other. The 1st step in getting a deck permit in Northern Virginia Counties is going to the Permit Center and logging in during the login process, the County will verify that we possess a current contractor’s license issued by the state of Virginia and that we have a current BPOL license for that County. A BPOL license is just a business license, showing that a particular contractor can work in the County where they’re trying to pull a permit. Once Fairfax Contractor credentials have been checked, we will have to proceed to the zoning area here, zoning officials will make sure that your new deck does not encroach on an easement or there are other zoning concerns. If all is clear zoning department will approve the plat where your deck location has been penciled in to scale. The next step is if you are on a septic system, The health department will have to approve the deck location to ensure that it is not interfering with your septic system. If this is not the case, we will then take the paperwork down to the building review department to make sure that the deck’s plans are code compliant. If you’re going to have a deck built, it must be built to code so that when it is finished, it will be a legal, safe structure. If the deck is not too large or you are not going to place a hot tub onto the structure, then frequently, all is needed is to sign an affidavit stating that you will follow the County deck detail. If your deck is used to support a hot tub or other structure, the plans will have to have a licensed civil engineer’s stamp to be approved for construction. We work with an excellent licensed civil engineer that can put together such plans. After going through a site review to ensure that your property is not in an area with problem soils, your building permit will be issued. When Fairfax Contractor starts constructing your deck, the placard must be placed in a window or other visible location on the front of your home. As we build your deck, building inspectors will perform the following inspections: Footing inspections are necessary to make sure that the placement of your deck is on load-bearing soil once this inspection has been passed.

We can then start framing the deck itself; when the deck framing is complete, a building official will come by and check to make sure that the framing was completed to the plans. The inspector will also check to ensure that the properly sized lumber, hangers, screws, nails, and attachment to your home were all done utilizing code-compliant materials and installation methods for your deck. When the job is finished, and all of the final details of the deck are completed, a building inspector will pass the job with a final inspection, and you will have a legal deck. At this point, Fairfax Contractor will give you all the job-related plans and inspections for your files, so if you are ever to sell your house, you have proof the deck was built properly and to code. Fairfax Contractor always builds their decks to comply with local building codes and the statewide Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC). Your assurance that the deck will be built to the standards set by the state of Virginia is in the fact that a permit will be pulled, and a County inspector will check that each of the steps in the construction of your deck will meet or exceed these building codes that have been laid out as the law of Virginia. Do have a legal deck that is not only safe but code compliant, we will give you the final building inspection documentation so that you are certain that your deck has been constructed to the standards.

Decking Material Choices

In Northern Virginia, composite decking seems to be the trend for new decks being built. Some popular composite decking brands include Azek, Fiberon, Timbertech, EverGrain, and Trex. We think Trex decking is your best choice; for more information on Trex decking, click this link. Each composite decking brand has its pluses and minuses. The manufacturers of these composite brands utilized different embossing techniques that have varying depths and give that unique look. Composite decking comes in many styles and colors to choose from. Fairfax Contractor handles the installation of exotic hardwood decking materials. These deck materials include Redwood and Ipe. Ipe is one of the hardest decking materials on the market today. Ipe is Ironwood that is produced into decking material from trees grown in South America. Redwood deck material is produced from redwood trees and is known for its resistance to weathering. Redwood decking is a classic look for a deck because it has a great look. The heartwood of redwood resists insects and decay. Redwood decking has no chemical additives and will not warp.

Most of the decks we install utilize composite decking from major manufacturers. The reason we use composite decking is that it is almost entirely maintenance-free, will not splinter, and will add years of lasting beauty to your home. In Northern Virginia, Kiln Dried Pressure Treated Pine can be used as decking lumber. The very best natural wood on the market is Madison’s #1 select. It is nearly clear, stain-grade wood. In most cases use of #2 (or better) lumber for posts, beams, joists, ledgers, and stair stringers is what our deck contractors use. Premium grade lumber is often used for finished surfaces such as floors, rail caps, and stair treads.

Building A Deck In Northern Virginia Starts With The Footing

deck footings northern Virginia

When Fairfax Contractor has obtained your permission to build your new deck, the first step is to dig the deck footings. We will call Miss Utility Of Virginia. Calling Miss Utilities is to make sure there are no Utilities where we will excavate the footings of your deck. There are three types of footings system that can be utilized to build your deck in Northern Virginia. Once we have decided how to build your deck footings, we will dig the footer to the correct footing design. When the footings for your deck have been dug we will have a Northern Virginia inspector check the dimensions, depth, and soil bearing conditions to get a deck footing inspection. When Fairfax Contractor has passed the footing inspection of your deck we will move on to start framing the deck.

Deck Railing Options

Fairfax Contractor installs a wide variety of composite deck railing systems for your new deck. Northern Virginia Deck Contractor looks for the most up-to-date options for your deck The most popular deck railing system is manufactured by Trex. Trex offers various colors and options as a railing for your new deck. Many deck contractors use Trex deck railing In Northern Virginia because of the great options they offer. Many of our customers love using Trex Transcend composite deck railing for their new deck. Trex has some of the best composite railing systems on the market today. Monarch composite deck railing and a combination of aluminum deck pickets railing systems. Solid vinyl decks and railings are the most durable and maintenance-free of the decking product group. Fairfax Contractor offers a wide range of choices when installing rails on your new deck. One railing other option is the Fiberon deck railing. Fiberon deck railing comes in a variety of styles and colors, including their traditional railing system and the classic railing system. Wolf composite deck railing is most likely our most well-liked choice when choosing railings for your deck. We also build custom aluminum picket rails with pressure wood railing. There truly are so many options to choose from. A designer from Fairfax Contractor can help guide you through selecting the best rail for your deck. Unlike many deck contractors, Fairfax Contractor can custom build ornamental wrought iron deck railings in our fabrication shop, located in Manassas, Virginia.

Extra Features For Your Deck

Northern Virginia deck patio projectNorthern Virginia Contractor groups can also install Zip-Up. Zip-Up is great for second-story decks, and if your deck has a patio below, it will add a dry area. The zip-Up drainage system collects and channels rain from the spaces between your deck planks. To add a finished look to your deck in case your pressure-treated 6×6 deck columns with fiberglass deck columns. These fiberglass deck column covers are manufactured in both around and fluted styles and include both a decorative base and cap as an option. Fairfax contractors can also set these decorative fiberglass columns on a stone water table to give your deck a unique look, especially if you’re adding a patio below the deck. Adding low voltage lighting fixtures to your deck can create a one-of-a-kind ambiance in the evening and add safety factors to your new deck. Many clients elect to install such features as storage boxes, seating, hidden deck screws, a pergola, and a custom decking inlay. You want to construct your new deck with the decking material installed at a 45° angle. One of the great advantages of utilizing Fairfax Contractor is we can build an outstanding deck project. Still, we also can install a flagstone, brick, or travertine patio to go along with your deck design.

Azak Trim For Your Deck

azak-northern-virginia-deckAzak trim for your Northern Virginia Deck will make your deck so much better. There are also different PVC accessory cladding available today to trim out your deck. These are solid vinyl trims are designed to replicate wood.  Azek is the best-known PVC trim, which offers a full line of high-quality deck trim used to cap deck ledger boards and finish the pressure-treated sections of your deck framing. Other applications for these trim boards include cladding that covers over band boards, stair stringers, and other areas of unfinished materials.  These products have a wide range of finishes and are embossed available. These PVC decks from Azek, or Clear PVC trim Boards, are designed to cover pressure-treated lumber for the framing of your deck. Other than pure appearance, these engineered trim pieces provide more than just appearance; they are designed to have little maintenance and will never rot. PVC White trim boards such as Azek can complete a deck design that sets your deck project well past any deck project in your area. More and more decks in upscale Northern Virginia neighborhoods utilize these products to complete the job.

Installing Composite Decking On An Existing Deck

If your existing pressure-treated deck wood boards are splintering, Fairfax Contractor can update your current deck by removing old decking and installing new state-of-the-art composite decking.

Staining You're New Deck

Fairfax Contractor can stain your new or refurbished deck. We can finish your new deck with protective sealants or stains. For more information on how to stain your new deck or re-built deck, click this link.