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Galley Style Kitchens

Also known as 'lean' layout, a galley kitchen is ideal for homes with paucity of space. It is a simple, walk-through kitchen which has two countertops running parallel to each other with a walkway in the middle. The cabinets are present below those countertops to make optimal utilization of the space available.

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L-Shaped Kitchen

This is the most popular kitchen layout because it helps in streamlining the process of cooking and is best for a multi-purpose kitchen. This style also works well for smaller spaces because it is very flexible. It solves the problem of using a corner space and reduces crowding.

One Wall Kitchen

This is basically a single counter kitchen often accompanied by a kitchen island to maximize space utilization. All the cabinets and appliances are present along one wall of the house in an integrated manner. Such a kitchen layout is generally find in lofts and studio apartments where saving space is a priority.

Horseshoe Kitchen

Horseshoe kitchen layouts are U-shaped kitchens which offer a lot of counter space and ensure smooth movement of traffic. This is the best option for big kitchens where many cooks work together. The appliances and cabinets can be placed along three walls. A kitchen island can be added to this layout as well and workflow can be adjusted accordingly to get extra counter space.

Open Space Kitchen 

In this layout, there is no wall separating the kitchen from the rest of the house. It is generally joined to a lounge area. All the units and appliances are fit onto one wall to make a compact design. This layout is mostly seen in apartments. It includes an island along with the single wall kitchen to demarcate the kitchen area from the rest of the house.

We Customize To Your Needs

Apart from these 5 popular kitchen layouts, there are many other design options available which can be customized to create modular kitchens for your home. Hiring a professional remodeling company is advisable to get desired results. Fairfax contractor is a leading Northern Virginia kitchen remodeling contractor which provides quality kitchen designing and renovation services.