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Tyvek House Wrap Contractor Northern Virginia

tyvek wrap contractor northern virginiaTyvek house wrap contractor Northern VA is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor uses Tyvek house wrap on many of our siding and addition projects. We use this name-brand product to prevent moisture into the wall cavity in your Northern Virginia home. Installing Tyvek wrap can be unbelievably demanding, and if installed incorrectly, it can increase moisture or contribute to mold growth. That is why it is so important to use Fairfax Contractor, the right contractor who knows the science behind installing Tyvek house wrap. Tyvek wrap is a great water-resistant barrier; it’s bendable, easy to install, and fast. If you want to reside in your home, call 703-725-7945 for a free estimate.

Why Does Fairfax Contractor Use Tyvek Wrap?

tyvek wrap contractor northern vaWhy Fairfax Contractor uses Tyvek Wrap? Why Fairfax Contractor uses Tyvek Wrap on our siding jobs in Northern Virginia? It is 95% effective.  Tyvek wrap reduces air and water infiltration and helps prevent future drafts and water damage. Tyvek house wrap contractor Northern VA uses this product because of its benefits. Tyvek Wrap creates an envelope that will protect against water damage, improved energy efficiency, increased comfort, and reduced energy costs. Tyvek house wrap is a product that is highly sought after in the Northern VA building industry. This product provides several benefits that other kinds of house wrap do not. It allows water vapor to pass through it, but not the liquid itself. This allows the water vapor created inside the house (like steam from a shower or cooking) to escape, but it does not allow rain to get into the woodwork. Another benefit is that it does not allow a great deal of air to escape from inside the house.

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