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Bathroom Vanity Contractor Northern Virginia

northern Virginia bathroom vanityBathroom Vanity Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Picking the perfect vanity for your bathroom remodeling project is very important. You may have a bathroom vanity you want to utilize in your nova remodeling bathroom job. Fairfax Contractor remodels bathrooms and installs new basement bathroom installations. Some of the box stores such as Home Depot, or Loews have bathroom vanity that can be bought right off the shelf. To create a breathtaking bathroom you may want to consider a custom bathroom vanity. We had a relationship with Merillat bathroom vanity bathroom cabinets. Reico bathroom vanities go to the supplier for a unique vanity for your bathroom project. I have been dealing with Reico for over 30 years, they are the largest manufacturers of bathroom vanities in the United States.  Reico vanities for bathroom modeling projects come in a wide variety of wood types, styles, and sizes. We also recommend a company located in Northern Virginia called Next Day Cabinets. Because of the coronavirus shortage, many cabinet companies take up to three months to complete your custom vanity for your bathroom remodeling project. This company has locations in Chantilly, Virginia, Springfield, Virginia, and Alexandria, Virginia. We found this gem of a company that can turn around a custom vanity for your bathroom remodeling project in about two weeks. Check the link, and you’ll be surprised at what this Company that specializes in vanities can do.

Basement Bathroom Projects Vanity

When designing your basement bathroom project, one of the first considerations is what type of vanity bathroom cabinet you will use. Here at Fairfax Contractor, we typically utilize the showroom at Reico to choose the ultimate bathroom vanity cabinet in your basement bathroom remodeling. Merillat bathroom vanities are a great choice. In the northern Virginia area, there are many showrooms that you can look at and choose the perfect vanity for your basement remodeling project. Fairfax contractor recommends you visit Reico, bathroom vanity showroom located at 6790 Commercial Dr., Springfield, VA. When you work with one of their bathroom designers, they will help you pick the perfect vanity for your basement bathroom project.

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Bathroom Vanity For Remodeling Your Northern Virginia Home

Choosing a bathroom vanity cabinet for your Northern Virginia bathroom remodeling project is important. Fairfax Contractor can have a custom-built vanity cabinet for your bathroom remodeling project built to exact specifications. There are a lot of contractors that remodel bathrooms in NOVA. As the premier bathroom contractor serving all of northern Virginia, we can have a custom vanity built for your bathroom remodeling project. For more information on our bathroom remodeling contracting /design, click this link.

Handicap Bathroom Vanity Designs

handy cap vanity northern VirginiaHandicap bathroom vanity designs. We can install and design handicap bathroom vanities. All of the design standards that we utilize conform to the (ADA) American with disability standards. Homeowners that are looking for a vanity that conforms to handicap standards can be installed by Fairfax Contractor. In the six chapters of the ADA guidelines, we will pick out the perfect bathroom vanity that has the required clearance necessary. If we build you a handicap bathroom, we will provide a bathroom that conforms to the standards recommended by the ADA. These standards include us providing a clear floor space measuring 30 inches centered at the vanity. When considering wheelchair users, there must be a knee and toe clearance below the vanity.