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Interior Drainage Contractor Northern Virginia

Basement interior water management system installation.

Interior Drainage Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor that installs interior drainage solutions in Northern Virginia. If you have interior drainage issues, you need an expert contractor to evaluate the problem. Fairfax Contractor has time-tested methods of repairing the cause of this water infiltration into your Northern Virginia home’s basement or water in your crawl space. Most common interior drainage problems in your basement and crawl space can be easily repaired. Basements, in particular, are subject by their nature to flood. Many basement flooding problems are caused by structural cracks in either the block foundation or for concrete walls of your home. Fairfax Contractor is a Virginia licensed contractor through the Virginia Department of Occupation Regulation with a class A contractor license with the (Residential Building Contractor) RBC endorsement, which allows us as a company to legally work on structural foundation problems of your home.

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Solutions For Interior Drainage Problems

Drylock UGL waterproofing paint. If your home was constructed with a poured concrete foundation, there are only two main methods to repair cracked concrete walls. To repair a crack in your basements concrete wall we can inject the crack with a epoxy injection procedure. Epoxy injection requires us to enlarge the crack in your wall, set up the injection process, and then completely fill the crack with epoxy. This epoxy will permeate throughout the entire wall, becoming stronger than the concrete, and completely stopping hydraulic infiltration of water in your basement. The method is to excavate around the foundation of your home, and re-waterproof your concrete foundation.

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