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Fire Pit Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Firstly, fire pits can become a key point for any hardscape project, including patios and any outdoor living project you may have been thinking about. In this regard, Fairfax Contractor can design and build many different deviations of a fire pit in your Northern Virginia home. Fire pits are pretty nice they have in the autumn for spring evening because they bring heat to your outdoor living space. Our experienced designers can build unique fire pit projects in all areas of Northern Virginia. Additionally, these fire pits can be a standalone unit or incorporated into your patio project. There are many choices for the design and materials used in your fire pit installation. To conclude, Fairfax Contractor is a licensed class A contractor that can design and build breathtaking fire pit projects.

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What Is The Best Material To Build A Fire Pit

If you want to build a breathtaking fire pit, a stone fire pit is a beautiful addition to your Northern Virginia patio project. Other options include sentimental block fire pit designs. Our Northern Virginia contractor company can build stone, sentimental block, and clay brick fire pit projects.

We Install Smokeless Firepit Inserts

Bree Industries’ smokeless fire pit inserts stop 90% of the smoke your fire pit produces. Notably, Bree fire pit inserts are the top-of-the-line when choosing a fire pit liner. For this reason, Fairfax Contractor highly recommends this Breeo fire pit insert. In this particular patio project, we built a circular fire pit using a cinder block to create the foundation. When the homeowner approved the cinder block foundation of the fire pit, we went to the next stage.

We lined the cinder block with fire brick, installed chocolate gray thin stone on the exterior, and installed Pennsylvania flagstone around the top of the fire pit. Now that we had a great fire pit structure, we inserted a Breeo fire pit insert. Certainly, enjoying your patio fire pit in the autumn or early spring evenings is a special event. However, with the ever-changing winds in the northern Virginia area, no one wants to deal with smoke blowing their way. And that’s the beauty of this fire pit insert.

Northern Virginia Fire Pit Interior Construction

The interior part of your fire pit project in northern Virginia may include a firebrick or a fire pit insert. If your fire pit is constructed of stone, clay brick, or sentimental block, you must consider how to fireproof your fire pit. When constructing, we recommend utilizing firebrick. But if your fire pit is constructed of just about any material, a fire pit insert is sometimes your best choice.

Many people choose to install a natural gas fuel source for their fire pit project. If you want to tap into your natural gas supply and use this for your fire pit, a licensed gas fitter will need to run a feed to your fire pit, and you should be mindful this requires a plumbing permit. Of course, natural wood is a great fuel source that creates audience and economy for a fire pit. We like one smokeless fire pit Breeo Industries Smokeless Fire Pits.