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Chimney Repair Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. If you have a problem with your home’s chimney in Northern Virginia, Fairfax Contractor can repair any problem you may have. Fairfax Contractor can repair broken brick or rebuild your home’s chimney. We can install stainless steel liners to safeguard your home.  As master masons, we can match your home’s brick and mortar to make a re-build chimney look like you never had a problem. We will take the time to match the original mortar and brick, so your chimney repairs are first class. We are a licensed class A contractor with workman compensation insurance and general liability insurance for your protection. Masonry repairs are one of our contractors’ specialties, and we can fix and exceed any chimney sweep company’s work. We can rebuild your chimney from the ground up or replace a few courses of spalded brick. Our masons can remove and replace cracked chimney crowns and make sure the Terra cotta flue tiles are in good shape. Fairfax Contractor can repair any water leaks in your chimney. Water infiltration is one of the most popular issues we see with chimneys. If water is damaging your fireplace Fairfax Contractor is your go-to contractor, we’ll find and fix this problem in your chimney.

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Repairing A Crown On A Chimney

Repairing a crown Of a chimney in Northern Virginia. Over the years the crown of your chimney can crack and allow water into your chimney. Fairfax Contractor can replace the masonry crown of your chimney. This project has been completed many times over the years. To replace a cracked chimney crown is a service we render for homeowners in northern Virginia. The first step in preparing a cracked crown on your chimney is to remove the existing crown. Once your cracked crown has been removed we will utilize a mixture of Portland cement, and sand to replace your chimney crown. This is one of the main reasons that water infiltration is coming into your chimney. If you're looking to have the chimney evaluated for water leakage the first step we will look at is a failing chimney crown.

Chimney Inspection Services Northern Virginia

Fairfax Contractor can inspect your chimney for cracked brick, unsafe Terra cotta flue tiles, damper repairs, cracked crowns, and open joint in your firebox. Our 10-point inspection is free and may revile some hazardous issues your home’s chimney you may have. One of the most problematic issues your Northern Virginia chimney may have is that it is leaking carbon monoxide in your home. Because your chimney may be expelling s poisonous gas (carbon monoxide) from your natural gas furnace, hot water heater, or fireplace in your home, and you don't even know it. Fairfax Contractor can repair this problem by installing a stainless steel liner in your existing chimney that can literally save your life. We have the ability, to do the calculations to properly size your stainless steel liner so that it will efficiently expel carbon monoxide or smoke from your chimney. Call Fairfax Contractor today for a free estimate at 703-725-7955 or click the link above for an estimate. Fairfax Contractor can rebuild the falling chimney. The most common problem that Northern Virginia homeowners have with their chimney is spading brick, this is often caused by a cracked chimney crown. If you have cracked brick, missing brick, or missing brick face on your chimney, we can repair these problems like a master mason. We are not a chimney sweeping company, Fairfax contractor is a master mason that can build a chimney from the ground up. But if you have a failing chimney we can repair any damage that the brick in your chimney. We take great care in finding not only matching brick but also the mortar that matches the brick in your chimney. Oftentimes we have witnessed incompetent chimney sweep companies that try to repair chimneys leaving less than desirable results. Here at Fairfax contractor we will take time, and effort to match the brick at any cost, along with the mortar to repair your chimney, and restore it to its original condition.

Some Of The Chimney Services We Provide

Fairfax Contractor can install stainless steel liners, animal or rain caps, repointing the brick on your chimney. We also can re-point your firebrick with refractory cement for the firebrick in your chimney's firebox. We can install lock-top dampers that will keep the animals and rain caps on your chimney flues. Fairfax Contractor can fix your chimney crown to stop water leaking into your chimney   We also install rain caps to your Northern Virginia homes to keep out the rain and animals. For more information on Fairfax Contractor's masonry repairs click here 

Relining A Failing Chimney Flue

Many chimneys have cracked Tara Cotta flues, that in fact can over time become broken and lead to a host of problems. Clay flues are used in the construction of most homes in Northern Virginia. Here at Fairfax Contractor, we have the ability to re-line your chimney with a stainless steel liner. Industry standards recommend replacing failing terra-cotta flues in your chimney with a stainless steel flue liner. By installing a new stainless steel flue liner you can be assured that no carbon monoxide will enter your home. We have the ability to calculate the size of your stainless steel liner based on your chimney firebox size, or other appliances such as a gas furnace. If you have a damaged terra-cotta chimney flue liner that is correctly installed. When a new stainless steel flue liner is installed we insulate the void with a mixture of vermiculite and portland cement. Because it will be necessary to remove your chimney's damper to properly affix the stainless steel flue liner to the thought of your chimney we will install a lock top damper.

Chimney Brick Repair Northern Virginia

Chimney brick repair in Northern Virginia could be repaired by your local chimney sweep company. Often times the results are less than professional. If you want to rebuild your failing chimney hire a Class A contractor mason to do the work.  Fairfax Contractor will take the time to get the best match on your brick and mortar color to make the repair and lay the brick like it was never repaired. If the top 10-15 courses of the top brick in your chimney have spalded, we can repair this type of damage. The key to repairing your spalded brick is to let Fairfax Contractor seek out the best matching brick and mortar to rebuild your failing chimney. To rebuild your chimney we will need to investigate local brickyards to find the best match to the brick that was used to build your original chimney. There are 4 major brick suppliers in Northern Virginia which include L.C. Smith, Inc.  Since 1932 located at 5920 Farrington Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304, Potomac Valley Brick & Supply located at 8306 Cinder Bed Rd, Lorton, VA 22079, Glen-Gery Manassas Masonry Supply Center 9905 Godwin Dr, Manassas, VA 20110, and General Shale Brick located at 7500 Mason King Ct, Manassas, VA 20109 We use these brickyards to find them a great match to repair your failing brick on your chimney.

Rebuilding A Failing Chimney

Rebuilding a failing chimney is one of Fairfax Contractor's specialties. Don't hire a chimney cleaning company to take on this project. You need a Master Mason to repair a failing, or deflecting chimney. If your Northern Virginia home's chimney is missing bricks, leaking, or deflecting we are your go-to contractor. Typically when your home's chimney has spalled brick and needs to be rebuilt you need a company that has true Masons to make these repairs. Fairfax Contractor can cut out all the filming bricks in your chimney, and make it look new. We can take your failing chimney down to the roof, reflash, and rebuild your failing chimney to make her look like it is new. We will take the time to pick out the perfect match for the mortar, to restore your brick chimney. Sometimes your chimney may be missing bricks on the throat of the chimney that may cause leaks, and we can fix this problem easily. We have torn down and replaced many failing chimneys in northern Virginia over the last 45 years to create a new chimney. Our master masons have the skills to fix just about any problems you have with a chimney rebuild. Give us a call at 703-725- 79454 free estimate. We can take your failing chimney and make it look brand-new.