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glass block contractor northern VirginiaGlass block contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor has been installing very creative glass block projects in Northern Virginia for decades. I was featured on the syndicated television show Curb Appeal for some of our unique glass block projects. As a licensed class A contractor, we can install any type of glass block project, both residential and commercial. As a commercial contractor that specializes in installing glass blocks, we have changed out glass windows into glass block windows for security. As a glass block contractor, we hold a CBC commercial endorsement on our Virginia contractors license. In residential, we utilize glass blocks to block up basement windows and use glass blocks to create amazing bathroom shower enclosures in NOVA. For more information on glass blocks in your Northern Virginia bathroom remodeling projects, click this link. Our glass block estimates and designs are free of charge. Feel free to give us a call at 703-725-7945 for more technical information.

How Fairfax Contractor Installs Glass Block In Northern Virginia

glass block window contractor northern Virginia
How Fairfax Contractor installs glass block in Northern Virginia. Installing glass blocks requires installing plastic spacers between the blocks. Installing these spacers assures that your glass block project will be plumb, and the joints will be even. Once you have chosen the type of glass block, you want to use for your construction project. And this can include clear glass blocks, opaque glass blocks, or frosted glass blocks that can be used in any glass block construction project. You must understand the sizes that glass blocks come in. The layout of your glass block project must consider the size of the glass block. After Fairfax Contractor has installed the glass block, we will then prepare and install the glass block mortar. Once the mortar has been installed between the perfectly laid out glass block project, we will carefully grout the block. After the glass block mortar has hydrated, it is very important that we thoroughly wash off any extra residue of the mortar.

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Glass Block Window Installation

northern Virginia bathroom glass blockIf you’re thinking about installing a glass block in your Northern Virginia windows, there are many advantages. If you have leaking basement windows, why not remove the window and install a glass block window? When you have water problems in your basement windows that may be flooding, this is a great solution. Most aluminum or vinyl windows cannot stand up to flooding window wells. When you block off your basement window with a glass block, they will never link again. Glass blocks are also a great replacement for your bathroom window. If you choose an opaque glass block for your bathroom, you will have complete privacy. Many people think glass blocks are old-school, but the fact is glass blocks can add a lot of advantages to your Northern Virginia home. Installing glass blocks in your basement windows gives you the ultimate security. 

Contractors That Can Install Glass Block In Northern Virginia

Well, to tell you the truth, there are very few contractors in Northern Virginia that could install all types of glass block projects. Curb appeal, a nationally syndicated television show, did not pick me to install a variety of glass projects out of the hat. It requires a contractor, such as Fairfax, Contractor to get your glass block project over the finish line. We will take exact measurements and figure the glass block configuration right. If you are seriously considering installing glass block windows in your basement windows or a custom shower enclosure, we are your go-to contractor. We operate in all areas of NOVA as your go-to glass block installation company. Why not do something unique, and install the safety of glass block windows in your basement or other rooms of your home?

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