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Fairfax Contractor is an expert in installing new tile in a bathroom remodeling project. There is the method we have used to install tile in your Northern Virginia bathroom for 40 years. Depending on when your house is built. Many homes in Arlington and Alexandria were built by installing ceramic tiles on mud techniques. After the 1960s, most shower tiles were installed on the drywall. As time passed, construction methods changed, and rather than mud or drywall, contractors began using what is known as the green board. Green board drywall is simply waterproofed drywall. 

Yes, the times and installation practices have changed as new products such as Hardy backer or Durock® became the industry standard for preparing a tile shower wall. Lately, changes to building codes and practices are now recognizing the benefits of utilizing these Portland-based shower panels; in our bathroom remodeling projects, Fairfax Contractor uses RedGard waterproofing over the Hardy backer or Durock® For a superior installation. For more information on Fairfax Contractor bathroom remolding in Northern Virginia, click this link.

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Removing Shower Tile

Removing shower tile can be quite easy or difficult depending on the age of the home. If your original shower tile was installed on steel lath the process of removing the existing tile is quite laborious. But removing a tile shower wall that was built with steel lath and mortar can be much more expensive of the project than newer homes that had the tile installed on drywall. Whatever the case is Fairfax Contractor will be able to remove your existing shower wall tile, and shower base/bathtub. This Once the demolition part of retelling your shower walls has been completed we will go to the next step. The next step is to make sure that the framing behind your shower walls has not become compromised. If water has leaked into the framing walls of your shower they will need to be replaced. We will then set your bathtub, or shower tub. Older shower controls may be needed to be replaced because of the changing of codes in Virginia that require a safety scalding device that probably was not installed in your existing bathroom. Once your bathrooms bathtub, or shower base had been installed by a licensed contractor. We will then install Hardy Backer or Durock® on the walls that are to be tiled.

Waterproofing Prior to Tile Installation

Fairfax Contractor knows that every great tile job starts with the proper preparation of the walls before the tile is installed. After the cement board drywall has been installed it’s important to take a few extra steps to properly waterproof the shower prior to tile installation. The best way to waterproof a shower stall or tub is to use a product called RedGard. RedGaurd is applied like a thick paint and creates an elastomeric membrane. This membrane is a seamless water barrier that will keep the water and moisture out. Properly preparing the area of your shower or bath will make sure that your new bathroom tile installation will last a very long time.

Installing Tile On Shower Walls

Installing shower wall tiles needs to be done in a very careful way so that your bathroom remodeling project is darn near perfect. The first step Fairfax Contractor make sure of is we plan the layout of the tile. This means that the tile is laid out symmetrically so that is centered on the project. We typically use the very best Portland-based thin set mastic to set our tile. We install many different types of tile that includes subway tile, natural stone tile, ceramic tile, and of course porcelain tile. And our designers at Fairfax  Contractor will work with you to find the perfect look and style of your tile. We always use a latex modified thin set mortar to set our tile projects. We will work with the levels, and spacers to make sure that the tile that is laid in your shower is spot on perfect. Once the tile has been set on your shower walls. We will grout the tile with either a sanded or on- sanded grout depending on the spacing of the tile. Once the grout is been applied, we will take great care in cleaning any residue from the grout. The final step in the process is to seal the grout so that it is not mold or mildew.