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Insulation contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Appropriate insulation is essential for your Northern Virginia home’s energy efficiency and comfort. As Northern Virginia’s premier insulation company we can save you money on your homes utility bills. Fairfax Contractor is a class A licensed contractor that can provide a wide range of insulation projects for your home. Older homes do not have the proper amount of insulation to provide lower energy costs. Insulation levels are specified by R-value. R-value is a measure of insulation’s ability to resist heat passing through a structure. The higher the R-value the improved the thermal performance of the insulation. With rising energy costs there is not a better time to add insulation to your home. Call Fairfax Contractor at 703-725-7945 for a free estimate to add insulation to your home. To insulate your home may be the best investment you could make this year.

Types Of Insulation Fairfax Contractor Installs

Types of Insulation Fairfax Contractor Installs include a wide variety of applications. When you evaluate spray foam Insulation to traditional fiberglass insulation there is a big difference. The most important differences are air sealing. During the spray foam installation process, spray foam expands to fill cracks. This seal keeps conditioned air inside, and unconditioned air outside. Fairfax Contractor can replace your fiberglass insulation in your attic with Rockwool or batt fiberglass insulation. The types of insulation products Fairfax contractor is capable of installing include a wide variety of insulation products. If you're considering insulating your attic the current code in Virginia is R-38. The R stands for resistance, and this is an important factor in any insulation project. The most common type of insulation is the fiberglass batt insulation. We install fiberglass batt insulation for homeowners in Northern Virginia. When it comes to insulating your attic we also offer blown-in insulation, which is more efficient than batt insulation. Blown-in insulation comes in two varieties, fiberglass, and cellulose. Though cellulose might sound like a fire hazard it is actually treated with the make sure of ammonia sulfite, and other chemicals to keep it safe. One of the best features of blown-in cellulose insulation its ability to control insects, mold, and rodents. Fairfax also can install insulation in your walls, basement, and crawlspace areas of your home. One of the most energy-efficient methods is utilizing spray foam insulation. We also work with mineral wool insulation which many homeowners think is a healthy alternative to other types of insulation. We can also install rigid foam board insulation. As a licensed contractor in northern Virginia, we know the codes, and methodologies to make your home energy efficient.

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