Fairfax Contractor Welding Credentials

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Fairfax Contractor Welding Credentials

Fairfax Contractor Welding Credentials are based on our personnel. Fairfax Contractor employs welding professionals with the credentials to get any type of welding project completed professionally and to compliance. Are procedures including the types of welding procedures which include: sorted electrodes and filler metals, along with welding plate and structural steel in accordance with ASME and AWS codes and standards. Fairfax Contractors is a Virginia class  A contractor with an endorsement from the DPOR as a commercial building contractor CBC. Meaning we construct commercial building installations. Furthermore, we have skilled workers that can complete piping system layouts. We are certified to install steel pipe in accordance with the with the ASME section IX. We are also capable of welding structural steel in the flat, vertical, horizontal and overhead positions. We have the ability to weld stainless steel and aluminum in accordance with military standards 1595-A . Looking for a welding professional company, we as Fairfax Contractor can install welded pipes to inch to 5 inches in the following positions of 2G,5G, and 6G. Our welding professional employees can weld larger diameter pipeline standards according to the pipeline standards API 1104. Some of the trickier procedures we were able to complete include overlapping beads, perform but filled, socket a group welding procedures. We can also measure cut and prepare the segments of pipe and structural steel. We are qualified as a contractor in Virginia two complete structural pipe, pipeline, aluminum and stainless-steel processes. We are well studied and mental preparation, welding symbols and Iceman drawings to get a structural steel project over the finish line.

Welding Processes Used By Fairfax Contractor

SWAW shielded metal Arc welding

GMAW gas metal Arc welding

FCAW flux core Arc welding

GTAW gas Tungsten Arc welding (HF TIG)

We Can Prepare And CUT Metal Using

Industrial grinders

Plasma and Air Carbon Arc Gouging

Beveled machines

Track and hand-held torches

Welding Electrodes Utilized By Fairfax Contractor




Wire Used By Fairfax Contractor Welders



Blast Doors And Resistant Windows

Blast resistance doors and windows can be installed and fabricated by Fairfax Contractor. We have the ability to use the best of blast resistant standards that will ensure, government, military, or embassy facilities with the most protection. 



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