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Fairfax Contractor covid 19Responsible Covid-19 Protocol Fairfax Contractor

Fairfax Contractor Covid-19 protocol follows the Virginia recommended CDC guidelines. If any of our employees get sick, or show fever, they must be tested, and quarantined for 14 days. Fortunately none of our 60 employees have been exposed to the virus. Our secretary Devon became sick last week, along with her husband. I would not allow her into the office or husband until she showed documentation from a Virginia clinic showing she and her husband was negative. Never has one of our employees had corona virus.   It is our utmost responsibility for our employees to have masks, social distance,and have alcohol-based hand sanitizers in their trucks. If anyone in your home said they may have had  corona virus please advise us so we can protect our employees. It is important if someone you know has been  exposed to corona virus. If the situation changes and one of our employees becomes infected we will advise you that. But with our protocol, social distancing, and masks we can safely complete your home improvement project.  That’s why we put this statement showing the Northern Virginia community that we care for your family, and our family too.

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