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Stamped Concrete Patio

Fairfax Contractor builds beautiful Stamped Concrete Patios.  Stamped concrete is sometimes called textured or imprinted concrete. Installing a stamped concrete patio has many benefits when compared to other options.  At the top of the list is this type of patio is an affordable upgrade to just a standard concrete slab. Stamped concrete is a quick installation with low maintenance and also, when installed correctly, will last a long time.  

The trick to installing an amazing stamped concrete patio is to hire an experienced contractor like Fairfax Contractor.  We know that when building a perfect patio, it’s all about the details.  

When you use the best materials and talented masons who are dedicated to their craft, you can’t miss it.  We only use the best concrete that is mixed specifically for stamping.  We don’t stop there, and we only use the best decorative skins and mats for the stamping available on the market today.  Furthermore, we use quality coloring products, Solomon and Davis, for internal and surface applied to color. To finish the job, we have experienced masons who know what it takes to apply the stamp and color and finish the job with an eye for detail.

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Fairfax Contractor Patio Upgrades

Fairfax contractor is a full-service general contractor that can incorporate all types of upgrades when you are building a new patio or outdoor living space.  We can install outdoor kitchens and BBQ stations, seating walls,  fire pits, fireplaces, low voltage electric lighting, water features, pergolas, gazebos, decks, and walkways.  We can also install drainage and waterproofing solutions.  Fairfax Contractor is your one-stop general contractor that can get the job done right.     

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